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The information website “People in Action for a Better World” began in 1996 to share selected resources on what people are doing for a better world, and how to do it.

The Blue Marble: West (Visible Earth, NASA; public domain)

People in Action’s dedication was:

For the many who do a little, and thereby work for a better world, caring for the planet and for the people who live on it.

with the quote:

“Many little people, in many little places, doing many little things, are transforming the world.”

An online community grew around those resources, with currently about 2,830 registered users (for free) in the English version, and 20,800 in the Spanish version.

Now, in April of 2018, a renewed website starts, adding a magazine to, day by day, publish articles with:

  • Fact-based and research-based information including the different opinions and sources.
  • Updated resources, while keeping the old site for now as archives.
  • Answers to the community questions.
  • Etc.

The community can share comments to the articles, in addition to the forum, which also includes the sections Welcome and Information (to say hello and find what you are looking for), and Ideas and Suggestions (your ideas and suggestions for the magazine and community), as well as a good number of categories to share information while respecting the different points of view.

The covered topics include:

  • Natural Life (Alternative Technology, Natural Health, Nature Conservation...)
  • Peace and Cooperation (Democracy, Peace, Society...)
  • People for a Better World (all over the world)
  • Personal Growth (Arts and Music, Culture and Thought, Spirituality...)
  • Social Change (Alternative Education, Books, News, and Media, Communities...)
  • Solidarity (Human Rights, Humanitarian Emergencies, NGOs and Volunteering...)

And also these topics localized in all the six parts of the world:

  • Africa (Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria...)
  • Asia-Pacific (India, Indonesia, China...)
  • Europe (Germany, Russia, Turkey...)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico...)
  • Middle East (Egypt, Iran, Pakistan...)
  • North America (Canada, United States)

So, the new People in Action website is at your service again. Let’s hope it will be useful and interesting for you. Welcome!

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