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Sustainable Economy
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Sustainable Development
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Economía Sostenible - Español

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How To Start Your Own Paper Recycling Business
"Believe it or not, you can develop a very respectable income collecting and selling paper to the recycling centers". Article by Butch Adamick, edited by Rodney Hendershott.
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Websites about Sustainable Economy
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

Earth Policy Institute - Building an Economy for the Earth
Dedicated to providing a vision of an environmentally sustainable economy -an eco-economy- as well as a roadmap of how to get from here to there. Its website includes free complete online versions of books by its president Lester R. Brown (former president and founder of the Worldwatch Institute), Eco-Economy Updates (news) in nine languages, etc.
English, Catalan, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish - Books, News and Media, Online Books - At

EarthFuture: Economy
Articles about sustainable economy by Guy Dauncey, on his EarthFuture website. Also, twenty case studies of sustainable economy initiatives, and resources, EcoNews, books, etc.
English - At

Redefining Progress - RP
A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that develops policies and tools that reorient the economy to care for people and nature first. RP works with a broad array of partners to shift the economy and public policy towards sustainability. RP and the Center for a Sustainable Economy —widely considered the premier organizations in the US focused on building a sustainable economy— have merged to form a single organization, which retains the name Redefining Progress.
English - At

Smart Communities Network: Sustainable Business
Information pages. Key principles, industrial ecology, assistance programs, tools, success stories, codes and ordinances, articles and publications, educational materials, other resources.
English, Spanish - At

Sustainable Communities Network - SCN
For those who want to help make their communities more livable, with information about what has worked for other communities, and resources on creating community, smart growth, growing a sustainable economy, protecting natural resources, governing community, living sustainably.
English - Sustainable Development - At

Sustainable Energy and Economy Network - SEEN
Action, news, key issues, research, global database, media, links... SEEN, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies (Washington, DC) and the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam), works in partnership with citizens groups nationally and globally on environment, human rights and development issues with a particular focus on energy, climate change, environmental justice, gender equity, and economic issues, particularly as these play out in North/South relations.
English - Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development - At

Sustainable Measures
Sustainable Measures develops indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment. Its website includes extensive information and training on indicators of sustainability.
English - Sustainable Development - At

The Sustainable Way (Lionel J. Boxer, Ph.D.)
This book for managers explains, in the form of a short novel, research results on how those businesses that do succeed at achieving sustainability make it happen. Its simple framework to articulate what leaders need to do has been developed from observing CEOs who are known for dealing effectively with sustainability issues.
English - At

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