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Girl on Mount Sinai, over the St. Catherine Monastery, by Dan Colcer Girl praying in Aparecida, Brazil, by Luiz Ferreira Light of St Peter's cathedral, by Richard Simpson Sun and clouds, by Tracy Toh

Today's Website
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Life After Life
Life After Life - Dr. Raymond Moody
The official online presence of Raymond A. Moody, Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy, lecturer, counselor, author of books like the well-known Life After Life.
English - Afterlife, Raymond Moody, United States: Spirituality - At

Websites about Spirituality
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

60s & Further
With interesting features such as Guest Artist Galleries, Robert Altman, Gilbert B. Weingourt, 1967 San Francisco Human Be-In, 1968 Oceanside Human Be-In, Woodstock 1969 & 2004, Communes, Spiritual Guides & Teachers...
English - Communities, Hippies, The Sixties - At

Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan
Buddhist Studies (WWW Virtual Library)
Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies.
Image: Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan.
English - Buddhism, Japan - At

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Celebrated psychologist, author of well-known practical books on counseling psychology, education and spirituality: Your Erroneous Zones, What Do You Really Want for Your Children?, Real Magic, Your Sacred Self, Wisdom of the Ages, There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, etc. Official website.
English - Alternative Education, Healthy Mind, Personal Growth, United States, United States: Alternative Education, United States: Personal Growth, Wayne W. Dyer - At

Findhorn Foundation and Community (Scotland)
World-famous community and ecovillage, founded in 1962, and an international center of spiritual education and personal transformation.
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish - Communities, Personal Growth, United Kingdom, United Kingdom: Personal Growth, United Kingdom: Social Change - At

Google Groups: alt.meditation
General discussion of meditation. With faq.
English - Forums - At

Hermann Hesse: Siddhartha
The story of a man in quest of meaning in life. Searchable online book, by Hermann Hesse. With user comments and reviews on this literary classic.
English - Culture and Thought, Hermann Hesse, Online Books, Personal Growth - At

Krishnamurti Foundation of America (USA)
Interesting explorations on the awakening of the human consciousness and on the fundamental subjects of the existence. Krishnamurti is author of The First and Last Freedom (his most celebrated book, with foreword by Aldous Huxley), Commentaries on Living (well-known three-volume work, selection of conversations with a wide variety of people), Krishnamurti on Education (talks and discussions with children and teachers), etc.
English, Spanish - Jiddu Krishnamurti, People, United States: Spirituality - At

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Center
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta, life of love and charity in Calcutta and the world. Official site, Missionaries of Charity. With addresses in the sections Contact us and The Family She Founded.
English, German, Italian, Spanish - Catholicism, Christianity, India, Macedonia, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, People - At

Shambhala Sun
Shambhala Sun Online: Buddhism, Culture, Meditation, Life
The Shambhala Sun is a notable magazine about waking up, bringing a Buddhist view to all the important challenges of modern life. With excerpts from the current issue, and many interesting online articles from several years of back issues, including interviews with the Dalai Lama, Ken Wilber, Gary Snyder... Also, columnists, and reviews of books, audio, video, etc.
English - Books, News and Media, Buddhism, North America - At

St Francis of Assisi
St Francis of Assisi / San Francesco d'Assisi (Archive)
His life, prayers and teaching. With his Canticle of Brother Sun, The Little Flowers, pictures, Assisi, books, links, beautiful music from the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon...
Picture: Saint Francis preaches to the birds (Giotto).
English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese - Catholicism, Christianity, Saint Francis of Assisi - At

Taizé Community (near Cluny, France)
Well-known ecumenical community. Encounter place for young people of all Christian beliefs. With beautiful music.
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, etc. - Christianity, France - At

Wayne Dyer: Becoming Spiritual
Article excerpted from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's book Real Magic. The spiritual being outlined through twelve beliefs and practices, in three pages.
English - Wayne W. Dyer - At

What Is Enlightenment?
What Is Enlightenment?
Magazine on spirituality.
English - Books, News and Media, United States: Spirituality - At

BBC: World Religions
Your guide to the Religions of the World (BBC)
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism.
English - Web Guide - At

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