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Solar Electric Power
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Solar Energy
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Energía Solar Fotovoltaica - Español

Solar power plant on top of the Moscone Center, San Francisco, by Eddie Codel US spacewalk, solar panel of Russian module, International Space Station, by NASA Miniature Robots, by Klaus Post Solar Decathlon, Washington DC, by Jared Zimmerman

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Google Directory: Solar Electric Energy
Lists of links, ordered by PageRank or alphabetically. Subcategory: Solar Powered Vehicles.
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Websites about Solar Electric Power
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EERE Solar Energy Technologies Program: Photovoltaics
Information on photovoltaics from the U.S. Department of Energy. Main sections: Why PV is Important; PV Basics; PV in Use; Research & Development; For Consumers; For Students, Educators & Trainers.
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Florida Solar Energy Center: Photovoltaics & Distributed Generation
Sections: About Us, PV Basics, Buying & Installing PV, PV Mat Lab, Resources, Projects, Education, Data Monitoring.
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MySolar: Solar Electricity
Information on photovoltaics. Sections: How does it work (Photovoltaic effect, Solar cells, Solar panels, Irradiation, Orientation, Tilt angle, Watt peak); System (Stand alone or SHS, Grid connected, Backup system); Components (Solar panels, Batteries, Inverters, Charge controller, Support structure).
English, Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish - At

PV-Web (UK)
Information on photovoltaic power and solar electricity from PV-UK, the British Photovoltaic Association.
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Solar Electric Light Fund - SELF
A non-profit charitable organization that brings solar power and modern communications to rural villages in the developing world, for enhancements in health, education, and economic well-being. SELF projects are shaped by local people, and operate sustainably with respects to economic and ecological principles.
English - Developing Countries, United States: Alternative Technology, United States: Developing Countries - At

Solar Electric Power Association - SEPA
A nonprofit organization whose membership consists of more than 100 electric service providers, utilities, manufacturers, government agencies, research organizations, and educational institutions from eight countries.
English - Solar Energy - At

Wikipedia: Solar cell
Encyclopedia article. Introduction, theory, manufacture and devices, applications and implementations, cost analysis, current research, solar cells and energy payback, related articles, references, links.
English, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, etc. - At

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