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Raymond Moody
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Dr. Raymond A. Moody Sky, by Adrienne Sizemore Take to the skies: Over the clouds, towards the sun, by Christian Weirich Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

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Conversation With Raymond Moody
A friendly, informal interview by Simon Hunt.
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Life After Life
Life After Life - Dr. Raymond Moody
The official online presence of Raymond A. Moody, Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy, lecturer, counselor, author of books like the well-known Life After Life.
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Life After Life - Interview With Raymond Moody
In this interview with Daniel Redwood, NDE researcher Dr. Raymond Moody talked about interesting data on different aspects of near-death experiences, like the increasing number of NDE reports in recent years due to advances in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), with up to 60% of patients experiencing them according to a study by cardiologist Dr. Fred Schoonmaker.
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Life After Life: Understanding Near-Death Experience with Raymond Moody, M.D.
Transcript of a fascinating, long interview with Dr. Raymond Moody, from Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's Thinking Allowed television series. Near-death experiences are much more frequent since the enormous strides in resuscitation technology over the recent decades. Dr. Moody explains in detail what commonly happens during those experiences, and how they deeply transform the patients' lives after experiencing them.
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NDE Experts: Dr. Raymond Moody
On Dr. Moody, pioneering researcher on near-death experiences. Including the nine elements that generally occur during NDEs, and an excerpt from his book Life After Life concerning the "Being of Light". Article in the portal Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife.
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Raymond Moody is a Normal Guy
After meeting him for an interview, Joseph Clark writes this kind and entertaining article on Dr. Moody's work and human side.
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Spiritual Reunion
Long interview where researcher Dr. Raymond Moody discusses especially his experiments -about 50% success rate- on altered states of consciousness with volunteers and the psychomanteum. This is a mirror-gazing technique which was traditionally used in the ancient Greco-Egyptian culture to communicate with the deceased.
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Wikipedia: Raymond Moody
Brief biography.
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