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Prestige Oil Spill
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Marea Negra del Prestige - Español

Capachos (big baskets), Prestige oil spill clean up, by Tunelko Oil slick from Prestige oil tanker to the Spanish coast, by European Space Agency (ESA) Spill of people, Prestige oil spill clean up, by Tunelko Prestige oil spill clean up volunteers in Galicia coast, by Viajero

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BirdLife International: Oiled seabirds need your help
News on the seabirds oiled and killed by the Prestige oil spill.
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Websites about Prestige Oil Spill
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

ABS: Prestige Casualty Information
Detailed technical investigation by the American Bureau of Shipping into the possible cause of the damage to the tanker Prestige, and the later shipwreck. "In the flooded, overloaded condition and subject to wave loading in the open sea, the structurally damaged vessel was susceptible to subsequent failure of structural components and oil loss from cargo tanks."
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BBC News: Press condemns tanker disaster
Newspapers in Spain and Portugal point the finger of blame after the Prestige disaster: "El Periodico accuses the authorities of making the captain a scapegoat. 'We saw the captain of the Prestige between civil guardsmen, under arrest after fighting the sea for hours and hours amid the distress of his broken boat.'" (BBC News, 20 November 2002).
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Cedre - Accidents: Prestige
Reports and links on the Prestige accident, on the website of the French center Cedre (Centre de Documentation, de Recherche et d'Expérimentations sur les Pollutions Accidentelles des Eaux).
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Sinking of the Prestige
CNN Europe: Sinking of the Prestige
In-depth special. With stories, resources, quickvote and latest news.
Image: Sinking of the Prestige. (AP photo).
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Ekome: Prestige Tanker Sinking Causes Environmental Disaster
Prestige's captain and two officers "made their way forward, despite the heavy seas breaking over the deck. Seven attempts were then made to connect up, but the severe seas resulted in the lines parting on each occasion. The captain then requested more assistance from the shore. The three men worked throughout the night and morning, eventually making successful connections to tugs, with the assistance of additional personnel."
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Energy and Transport in Europe Digest: The Prestige Accident
Special edition (November 21, 2002) of the newsletter from the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, European Commission. Additional information on this oil spill, at Maritime Safety.
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Environmental Media Services: Prestige Oil Tanker Sinks Off Spain Coast
News and press releases.
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ESA's Earthwatching: Galicia (Spain) Oil Spill, November 2002
Satellite images and data, with maps, photos and news.
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Green Nature: Prestige Oil Spill - News and Views
News stories and background information covering the Prestige oil spill.
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Ian Willmore: Prestige oil spill - The story behind the story
Ian Willmore of Friends of the Earth examines the complex web of ownership and control behind the oil tanker disaster, and argues that it shows the worst excesses of corporate globalisation in action. Online article from The Observer, November 24, 2002.
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Intertanko and Bimco: Time has come for global recognition for places of refuge
Press release (Nov. 20, 2002) on the Prestige accident, from Intertanko and Bimco, the leading international shipping associations: "This incident highlights the industry's concern surrounding coastal states' continued reluctance to admit ships into ports of refuge. When ships are not granted such refuge, the potential for a serious incident is frequently increased..."
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Intertanko supports the government of the Bahamas protest against the detention of the Prestige Captain
From Intertanko, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners: "In a press statement on 2 December, Intertanko called for the immediate release of the Prestige Captain and expressed serious concern that his detention is impeding a full, prompt and independent investigation of the incident. (...) It was also emphasised that the three crew who remained on board were extremely brave and it is difficult to understand why anyone would be jailed as a consequence."
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Mohid: Prestige Oil Spill
Mohid - Water Modelling System: Prestige Oil Spill
With animated simulations of Prestige oil spill and black tides, due to the movement and subsequent breaking of the damaged oil tanker in open ocean. (Developed by the Marine and Environmental Technology Research Center, at the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal).
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The Arizona Daily Star: Hard lessons
From a copy of this report: "The Spanish government foolishly sought to direct the Prestige oil tanker to open water. (...) The Prestige's captain should have been recognized as the one person who could best judge his ship's condition. The salvage company also pleaded to be permitted to haul the tanker to a safe harbor where its cargo could be transferred to another tanker. The Spanish government refused the request." (Dec. 2, 2002). See also a summary.
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Arrest of Prestige's captain Apostolos Mangouras
The Washington Times: Oil, water a volatile mix (Archive)
By Philip Sherwell (London Sunday Telegraph). "The message from the Spanish authorities was blunt... Despite Smit's warnings that hundreds of miles of coastline would be endangered if the Prestige broke up at sea, the company was ordered to tow the vessel into the exposed, storm-battered waters of the North Atlantic. Naval frigates were put on standby to 'escort' the Prestige if the order was not obeyed..."
Image (Reuters): Prestige's captain Apostolos Mangouras imprisoned for resisting the Spanish government order to move the oil tanker into the storm-battered ocean.
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Time: The Prestige Oil Spill
An environmental catastrophe occurs as a tanker sinks off the coast of Spain. Photo essay from Time magazine.
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United Nations Environment Programme: Prestige Tanker Spill
Facts, links and headlines from the UNEP Offshore Oil and Gas Environment Forum.
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WWF: November 2002 - Oil spill off Spain's NW coast
Detailed information from the World Wide Fund for Nature.
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Yahoo! Directory: Prestige Oil Spill
List of links, ordered by popularity or alphabetically.
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Yahoo! News Full Coverage: Oil Spills
Oil spill news.
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