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Petra Kelly
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Womens Environmental Leadership & Legacy (WELL): Petra Kelly
Illustrated biographical article, at WELL, Rachel Carson Institute. "As the world's most famous Green, no individual is more identified with the transnationalization of environmental concerns and action than Petra Kelly. However identification as an environmentalist already limits the scope of impact this unique woman has had on global politics and social change."
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Petra Kelly, 1964
Baker High School: Petra Karin Kelly, Class of '66
Petra Kelly (1947-1992) studied at Baker High School (Columbus, Georgia) between 1960 and 1966. She lived in the United States during the sixties.
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Carolyn See: Idealism On a Grand Scale
Review of the Petra Kelly's biography "The Life and Death of Petra Kelly", a book by Sara Parkin. Article published in The Washington Post, section Book World, on January 20, 1995.
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Conversations with History: The European Peace Movement
Conversation with Petra K. Kelly, Member of the Green Party and Member of the Bundestag, and Gert Bastian, Retired General and Member of the Bundestag. October 23, 1984. (Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley).
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Dalai Lama Presents 2002 Light of Truth Awards: Heinrich Harrer and Petra Kelly
"Petra Kelly (...) dedicated her life to creating global awareness and responsibility for the environment, peace and human rights. She took an active role in highlighting the struggle of the Tibetan people and did much to promote the cause of Tibet both in Germany and around the world." More info, news and images at International Campaign for Tibet.
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Mother Jones Magazine (Jan/Feb 1993): Who killed Petra Kelly?
Interview with author Mark Hertsgaard, who traveled to Bonn, Germany, to look into the case.
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Petra Kelly, Right Livelihood Award
Petra K. Kelly
Petra Karin Kelly, co-founder of the German Greens and untiring worker for a just and peaceful world. Right Livelihood Award in 1982 "...for forging and implementing a new vision uniting ecological concerns with disarmament, social justice and human rights." Dalai Lama: "Petra Kelly was a committed and dedicated person with compassionate concern for the oppressed, the weak and the persecuted in our time. Her spirit and legacy of human solidarity and concern continue to inspire and encourage us all."
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Petra Kelly at a peace rally, 1982
Petra K. Kelly: Nonviolence Speaks to Power
Almost complete text of a book by Petra Kelly. With a selection of speeches and essays covering the period from August 1987 to July 1991, a biographical chapter, selected bibliography, etc. Online version at Center for Global Nonviolence, Hawaii. Also, out of print, published by Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawaii, 1992.
Image: Petra Karin Kelly, marching in a rally for peace (Munich, 1982).
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Petra Kelly Archives
The Heinrich Böll Foundation maintains the written legacy of Petra Karin Kelly. The Petra Kelly-Archiv makes up a unique resource on the history of the Green Party and of the global movements against the nuclear threat and for disarmament, peace, human rights and emancipation.
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Petra Kelly: On Morality and Human Dignity
Excerpts from the late Petra Kelly's speech Morality and Human Dignity, which is included in the collection Nonviolence Speaks to Power. (At Synthesis/Regeneration, A Magazine of Green Social Thought).
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Petra Kelly
Petra Kelly Prize
The international Petra Kelly Prize for human rights, ecology and non-violent politics. Presented by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
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Petra Kelly Stiftung (Petra Kelly Foundation)
Founded in 1997 as part of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, with the goal of letting Petra Kelly's ideas and political message live on.
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Petra Kelly
Politeia: Petra Kelly (1947-1992)
Biography, and archives with texts, audio, etc.
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Schuering Photographie
Werner Schuering, author of good copyright-protected photographs, including some of Petra Kelly.
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Wikipedia: Petra Kelly
Article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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