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Petra Kelly at a peace rally, 1982
Petra K. Kelly: Nonviolence Speaks to Power
Almost complete text of a book by Petra Kelly. With a selection of speeches and essays covering the period from August 1987 to July 1991, a biographical chapter, selected bibliography, etc. Online version at Center for Global Nonviolence, Hawaii. Also, out of print, published by Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawaii, 1992.
Image: Petra Karin Kelly, marching in a rally for peace (Munich, 1982).
English - Greens, Nonviolence, Online Books, Petra Kelly - At

Websites about Peace
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

Clear Landmines
Clear Landmines
Each year, 26,000 people are killed or mutilated by landmines, of which 8,000 are children. Your simple click, just once daily, will help support the foundation's mission of eradicating landmines forever.
English - Donate for Free - At

Conversations with History: The European Peace Movement
Conversation with Petra K. Kelly, Member of the Green Party and Member of the Bundestag, and Gert Bastian, Retired General and Member of the Bundestag. October 23, 1984. (Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley).
English - Europe, Petra Kelly - At

European Greens
European Greens - European Federation of Green Parties
The European Federation of Green Parties includes about thirty European Green parties. It is one of the founding Federations of the Global Green Coordination.
English - Ecology, Europe, Greens, Human Rights, Progressive Networks, Social Change - At

Dhuha with her mother, by Chuck Quilty
Former US Attorney General Reports from Iraq
Ramsey Clark (Basra, Iraq; August 28, 2002): "We had planned to come to Basra because the region is suffering stunning cancer rates. This area in Iraq was the site of the greatest use of depleted uranium weapons by US air force in the Gulf War eleven years ago." (This page includes additional news stories).
Photo: Leukemia patient Dhuha ("Sunrise") with her mother in Baghdad's Al Mansur Hospital. (See more pictures of Iraqi children by Chuck Quilty).
English - War Children - At

Gesto por la Paz
Gesto por la Paz (Basque Country and Navarre)
Association for peace in the Basque Country.
English, Spanish, Basque - Basque Country, Navarre - At

Google Groups: alt.peace
Political, social and philosophical talk of world peace. With faq.
English - Forums - At

Greenpeace International
Independent international organization dedicated to the protection of the environment by peaceful means.
English - Ecology, Nature Conservation, Netherlands, NGOs, Web Guide - At

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
The Committee directs and coordinates the international relief activities conducted by the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in situations of conflict and war.
English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese - Solidarity - At

Not in Our Name - NYC, Oct. 6, 2002
Not in Our Name (USA)
American peace movement opposing the U.S. government's war plans. "War without end? Not in our name."
Image: Anti-war rally in Central Park, New York City (October 6, 2002).
English - United States - At

Rethinking Schools Online: Teaching About the War
Teaching for peace. Lesson plans, teaching ideas, suggested readings, resources, links, etc.
English - Alternative Education, United States: Alternative Education - At

War Child
War Child International
A network of independent organizations working across the world helping the innocent victims of war.
English, Dutch - Childhood, Human Rights, War Children - At

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