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Georges Moustaki
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Flairck on the Web: Moustaki & Flairck
Song lyrics and sound excerpts in MP3 from the album Moustaki & Flairck (1982).
English, French - At

Websites about Georges Moustaki
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

Georges Moustaki
ABC de la Chanson Francophone: Georges Moustaki
Lyrics of many Moustaki's songs.
French - Translate - At

Chez Hergé: Georges Moustaki
Short biography, partial discography, song lyrics by Moustaki and other artists, and a review of the Moustaki's 1996 album Tout reste à dire.
French - Translate - At

iMusic Community: Georges Moustaki
A forum on Moustaki.
English - At

Georges Moustaki
La chanson rebelle: Georges Moustaki
Article with sound excerpts in RealAudio from the Moustaki's songs Le métèque, Ma liberté, and Marche de Sacco et Vanzetti.
French - Translate - At

La musique française: Georges Moustaki
Lyrics of numerous Moustaki's songs.
French - Translate - At

La Musique, Les Textes: Georges Moustaki
Lyrics of several Moustaki's songs.
French - Translate - At

Le monde de Moustaki
Japanese fan website dedicated to the French singer/songwriter Georges Moustaki.
Japanese, French - Translate - Japan - At

Georges Moustaki
Le site officiel de Georges Moustaki
Mediterranean singer/songwriter, author of French songs such as Le métèque, Ma solitude, Le temps de vivre, Joseph, Hiroshima, Il y avait un jardin, Alexandrie, L'amant du soleil et de la musique... Beautiful site with biography, discography, lyrics, sounds, interviews, news, books, photos, drawings, chords, scores, "fun club", forum...
French, German, Spanish - Translate - France, Popular Music - At

Mikael Petitjean: My Favourite Songs
It includes songs by Georges Moustaki (Ma solitude, La ligne droite) and others in RealAudio, streaming mode (to prevent file downloads, for copyright reasons). At Mikael Petitjean website.
English - At - Georges Moustaki: Le métèque
Lyrics with guitar chords for Moustaki's song Le métèque.
French - Translate - At - Georges Moustaki: Natalia
Guitar chords for Moustaki's instrumental piece Natalia.
English, Polish - At

Paradis de la chanson: Chanson!
Korean website with lyrics and sound in RealAudio of many French songs, including Georges Moustaki's Chanson cri, Il est trop tard, and Ma solitude.
Korean, French - Translate - Asia - At

Walter Marinella - Textes et Accords: M
Lyrics with guitar chords for some songs by Moustaki and other artists.
French - Translate - At

Yahoo! Musique - Biographies: Georges Moustaki
Detailed biography of Georges Moustaki, at Yahoo! France.
French - Translate - At

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