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Hurricane Katrina
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Huracán Katrina - Español

New Orleans, 2005-08-29: Hoisting two children into a rescue helicopter, by U.S. Coast Guard New Orleans, 2005-08-30: Searching for survivors in wake of Hurricane Katrina, by U.S. Coast Guard New Orleans, 2005-08-28: People lining up for shelter in Superdome, by Marty Bahamonde/FEMA Eyewall of Hurricane Katrina viewed from a hurricane hunter aircraft, 2005-08-28, by NOAA

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Wikipedia: Hurricane Katrina
Extensive information: storm history, effects, links...
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Websites about Hurricane Katrina
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CNN (2005-09-01): Katrina reignites debate over global warming
Hurricane Katrina's fury has reignited the scientific debate over whether global warming might be making hurricanes more ferocious.
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CNN: Hurricane Katrina
Special report: News, help center, your stories, safe list, satellite images, locations, people, health, economics...
English - At
Blog with news and images tracking the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
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FEMA: Resources for Hurricane Katrina
From the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). How to get help; how you can help; wind and flood, prevention techniques for rebuilding; resources; news releases.
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Google Hurricane Resources
Sections: Search for People, Search the Web, News, Donate/Volunteer, Housing/Local Resources, Google Resources, People Finder.
English - At

Katrina Help Wiki
A worldwide initiative to help coordination, communication, and cooperation for rescue, recovery, and relief efforts. Sections on resources, help needed, help offered, current news, images, fundraising events... If overloaded by traffic, there is a mirror.
English - At

MSNBC: Katrina's Devastation
Full coverage of Hurricane Katrina, including slide shows, video gallery, the latest news, and how you can help.
English - At

National Geographic Magazine: Louisiana's Wetlands - Gone with the Water
National Geographic accurately predicted, in this detailed article (October 2004 issue), the hurricane Katrina disaster of August 2005 and the flooding of New Orleans. "It was the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States".
English - At

Network for Good: Hurricane Relief Efforts and Preparedness
Help victims of hurricane Katrina. Your donation will help organizations speeding aid to the area. Links to charities and information resources.
English - At Hurricane Katrina 2005
From New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). Hurricane Center: News stories (The Times-Picayune), photos, get in contact (forums)...
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WWL-TV: News for New Orleans, Louisiana
CBS affiliate TV channel broadcasting from New Orleans. With Hurricane Katrina news, information, and special alphabetical forums Searching For and I'm Okay. You may watch live TV news.
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Yahoo! Directory: Hurricane Katrina 2005
Lists of links, ordered by popularity or alphabetically. With sections on blogs, missing person and survivor lists, photographs and videos, relief efforts...
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Yahoo! News Full Coverage: Hurricanes & Tropical Storms
Hurricane Katrina (2005): News stories, articles, blogs, related web sites, audio, video, missing persons, how to help...
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