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Temple in Kamakura, Japan, by Chobi Capeta Entrance to Nachi Taisha, Shinto shrine in Japan, by Mikiyo Yamanaka Autumn in Japan, one of the two thousand temples in Kyoto, by Michelle Miralles Japan supporting Sri Lanka for tsunami relief, by Sarvodaya

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Google Groups: japan.books
Forum. Topics on books and magazines.
Japanese, English - Translate - Forums - At

Websites about Japan
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

Amnesty International Japan
Amnesty International Japan
Working to protect human rights worldwide.
Japanese - Translate - At

Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan
Buddhist Studies (WWW Virtual Library)
Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies.
Image: Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan.
English - Buddhism, Spirituality - At

Friends of the Earth Japan
Created in 1980, FoE Japan was one of Japan's first NGOs to work on international environmental problems. The organization joined Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) in 1983.
English, Japanese - At

Google Groups:
Discussion on religion.
Japanese, English - Translate - Forums - At

Google Groups: fj.soc.environment
Talks about natural environment and society.
Japanese, English - Translate - Forums - At

Google Groups: fj.soc.human-rights
Discussion about human rights, bioethics and discrimination.
Japanese, English - Translate - Forums - At

Google Groups: sci.lang.japan
Forum. The Japanese language, both spoken and written. With faqs.
English, Japanese - Forums - At

Google Groups: soc.culture.japan
Forum. Everything Japanese, except the Japanese language. With faq.
English, Japanese - Forums - At

Google Groups: soc.culture.japan.moderated
Forum. Anything Japanese. (Moderated). With web and faq.
English, Japanese - Forums - At

Grave of the Fireflies / Hotaru no Haka
Grave of the Fireflies / Hotaru no Haka (Japan)
Two children at the end of World War II. Very sensitive, beautiful and moving animation film by Isao Takahata, based on a true -and tragic- story. A celebrated masterpiece and classic of anime since its release in Japanese theaters in 1988. Best Animated Feature Film, and Rights of the Child Award, at the 1994 Chicago International Children's Film Festival. "It belongs on any list of the greatest war films ever made" (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times).
English - Movies, War Children - At

Greenpeace Japan
Greenpeace Japan
Independent international environmental organization dedicated to the protection of the environment by peaceful means.
Japanese, English - Translate - At

Idealist: Organizations in Japan
Directory of nonprofit and volunteering resources.
English - At

International Vegetarian Union: Japan
Links on vegetarianism in Japan.
English, Japanese - At

IRIZ - International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
At Hanazono University (Kyoto). Much information, including a directory of Zen centers in the world.
English, Japanese - Buddhism - At

Web about one of the categories of newsgroups.
English, Japanese - Forums - At

Japan Vegetarian Society
Member of IVU (International Vegetarian Union).
English, Japanese - At

Japanese Hippiedom
An entrance to hippie culture in Japan.
English, Japanese - At

Jca-Net (Japan)
Empowering citizen's activities through the Internet for peace, social and environmental justice and human dignity. APC member network. It includes links to Japanese NGOs.
Japanese, English - Translate - Progressive Networks - At

Le monde de Moustaki
Japanese fan website dedicated to the French singer/songwriter Georges Moustaki.
Japanese, French - Translate - Georges Moustaki - At

Masanobu Fukuoka - Natural Farming
With interview, images...
English - Organic Farming - At

MOA International
Mokichi Okada International Association. Nature farming, holistic Jôrei medicine, art, culture, new civilization, etc.
English, Japanese - Organic Farming - At

Permaculture in Japan (Archive)
Suitable for the natural and cultural conditions of Japan. With illustrations.
English - Permaculture - At

Sakamoto Homepage
Traditional Chinese medicine, deep ecology, Iyengar yoga, cohousing, etc.
Japanese, English - Translate - At

Shanti Volunteer Association
Shanti Volunteer Association (Japan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia)
Japanese non-governmental organization (NGO) with the purpose of international cooperation, supporting educational and cultural activities in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Teaching materials for refugees, construction of schools, education in urban slum areas and poor rural villages, etc.
English, Japanese - Cambodia, Laos, Thailand - At

Shanti Yoga - Yokohama (Japan), India, Navarre (Spain)...
Minako Hiro, Yoga teacher (trained at Shiraishi Yoga, Japan, and Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, India) and BBM teacher (Body Balancing Movements). Yoga therapy, psychological counseling, qualified Health Manager by Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Japanese, English, Spanish - Translate - Navarre, Yoga - At

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