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Global Solidarity
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Global Justice
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Global Solidarity Dialogue
Global Solidarity Dialogue (GSD) is concerned with analysis of, theory about, and strategising around the new radical-democratic global solidarity movements that are beginning to come together and seek alternatives to capitalist globalisation.
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Websites about Global Solidarity
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[PDF] Barry Gills: Democratizing Globalization and Globalizing Democracy
"Global solidarity may be a central value or key concept by which we can strive to achieve a new sense of humanity's oneness, its unity, and its common interests, which will animate the popular politics of the coming world order." Article (in Pdf format) at the Globalization Research Center (University of Hawaii-Manoa).
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Cindy Milstein: What's in a Name?
Article about the name of the, so-called by the media, "anti-globalization" movement. "Names like the global solidarity movement or movement for direct democracy, to suggest just two ideas here, may begin to capture this generation of resistance and reconstruction, but such inspiration must come from extensive discussions within our movement circles." From Harbinger, a journal of social ecology, and also at
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Coalition for Global Solidarity and Social Development
Information and links on globalization and related issues: NGOs, United Nations, Tobin tax, debt, development, human rights, peace... Website by the network ICL/Praxis for Peace.
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Frances F. Korten: From DC - A New Global Solidarity
Protestors put their bodies and hearts on the line for poor countries and international solidarity. The impacts of corporate globalization on the living planet, job opportunities, human rights, and democracy worldwide give the protest movement a quality of global solidarity possibly unique in all of history. Article from Yes!, A Journal of Positive Futures, issue 14 (Summer 2000).
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II World Social Forum - Porto Alegre 2002
Large international meeting of social movements from all around the world against neo-liberal policies and corporate globalization, with the slogan "Another world is possible". The second WSF, held in Jan./Feb. 2002 in Brazil, saw the participation of 15,000 registered delegates and a total of some 55,000 people from 131 countries. From the final declaration: "We are a global solidarity movement" (Call of Social Movements).
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