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Global Justice
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European Social Forum
Meeting of the European social movements for global solidarity and against corporate globalization. The ESF, which is part of the World Social Forum process, is a common public space of dialogue and discussion. Different cultures, languages, experiences meet together and express themselves.
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Websites about Global Justice
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About: Globalization Issues
A guide to web resources on globalization, anti-globalization and related issues, for understanding the incredible changes taking place on the world stage.
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Agricultural Subsidies
Global Policy Forum: Agricultural Subsidies
Rich countries spend billions subsidizing their agricultural sector, leading to chronic overproduction and dumping surpluses on global markets. Poor countries demand reform of this trade practice that impoverishes small-scale farmers while enriching large agri-business. GPF's section with many related articles.
English - Agricultural Subsidies, Developing Countries - At

Google Directory: Globalization Debate
List of links, ordered by PageRank.
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II World Social Forum - Porto Alegre 2002
Large international meeting of social movements from all around the world against neo-liberal policies and corporate globalization, with the slogan "Another world is possible". The second WSF, held in Jan./Feb. 2002 in Brazil, saw the participation of 15,000 registered delegates and a total of some 55,000 people from 131 countries. From the final declaration: "We are a global solidarity movement" (Call of Social Movements).
English, French, Italian, Spanish - Global Solidarity - At

III World Social Forum - Porto Alegre 2003
III World Social Forum - Porto Alegre 2003
International meeting of the social movements for global solidarity and against corporate globalization (Porto Alegre, Brazil, January 23-28, 2003). "Another world is possible".
English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German - At

Independent Media Center - Indymedia
Independent Media Center - Indymedia
International collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Many Indymedia organizers and people who post to the Indymedia newswires are supporters of the so-called "anti-globalization" ("anti-corporate globalization", "global justice" or "global solidarity") worldwide movement.
English - Books, News and Media, News Services - At

International Forum on Globalization - IFG
An alliance of sixty leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization. Directors and associates, representing over 60 organizations in 25 countries, include Jerry Mander, Edward Goldsmith, Vandana Shiva, Lori Wallach, Jerry Brown, Ralph Nader, Jeremy Rifkin...
English - At

Robert L. Borosage: Mixing '60s Activism and Anti-Globalization
"Here's the reality so many can't see. Activist, idealistic students are in motion once again, seized of a morally compelling cause. Their target, amazingly, is nothing less than the global corporation." Article published on Sunday, April 23, 2000 in the Los Angeles Times.
English - At

World Social Forum 2004 - Mumbai, India
World Social Forum 2004 (Mumbai, India)
"The World Social Forum is an open meeting place for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and interlinking for effective action, by groups and movements of civil society that are opposed to neoliberalism and to domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism, and are committed to building a planetary society directed towards fruitful relationships among Humanking and between it and the Earth." (WSF Charter of Principles).
Photo (Indymedia India): Opening ceremony of the World Social Forum in Mumbai.
English, Spanish, French - Developing Countries, India, Progressive Networks, Social Change, Solidarity, Sustainable Development - At

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