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Donate and Recycle
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Computer recycling to give to underprivileged, Earth Day 2005, St. Louis, by Timothy K. Hamilton Cartridges, by Michal Bahn Used ink-jet printer cartridges, by Lonely Soul Cell phone recycling, California, by Atomicity

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Recycling Appeal
Printer cartridge, mobile phone and PDA recycling to help funding many charities throughout the UK, Ireland and USA.
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ActionAid Recycling (UK)
Reduce waste, reduce poverty. ActionAid Recycling raises funds for the charity ActionAid to assist in their work with over 10 million of the world's poorest people. This is achieved through recycling of used ink and toner cartridges, recycling of unwanted mobile phones and PDAs, and sales of printers and consumables. They accept cartridge and phone donations from anywhere in the world.
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Cartridges4Charity (UK)
It's simple: You send empty printer cartridges or old mobile phones to Cartridges4Charity for free, and these are then sold on to companies that reuse or recycle them. 100% of net profit is split equally between three charities.
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Enviro Solutions' Printer Cartridge Recycling Programs
Recycling inkjet and laser printer cartridges can be a fundraiser for your organization, or you may choose a charity as your beneficiary. They ship free mailing materials with charges prepaid to any location in the United States and Canada. Undamaged cell phones are also accepted for recycling.
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A free fundraising program to help educational and nonprofit organizations, by collecting empty printer cartridges and used cell phones. Only available in Pennsylvania, the contiguous United States and Ontario, Canada.
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Recycle Printer Cartridges and Save Rainforests
You can help the UK based conservation charity World Land Trust simply by donating your empty inkjet and toner cartridges.
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The Printer Cartridge Recycling Scheme (UK)
The PCR Scheme was designed to help reduce waste, and supports children's charities throughout the United Kingdom. Printer cartridges and old mobile phones are collected on a Freepost system.
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