• We are a community based organisation NGO we would like volunteers who what to work with us . Our oranisation is called kyosiga community christians Association for development Kaccad you can find us on e.mail
    Director Derrick Luwaga

  • Volunteers needed in Uganda in East Africa - KACCAD NGO

    Dear Board Director
    We would like to advertise on your site while looking for volunteers from America, Asia , Europe especially in Scanadivana countries we are Vialable on on e.mail We shall be greatful if our request me your early consideration
    Yours Faithfully
    Derrick Luwaga Derrick

  • We are acommunity based registered NGO in Uganda East Africa we are looking for Volunteers and Donors interested in our programs/ we are focus on women, youth, children, people with disabilities, Orphans and widows current areas of activities child education and care, human rights advocacy, teen mothers welfare, Food security and production,Vocational skills training,Micro enterprise development water and sanitation, Health HIV-AIDS care and counselling. If you interested in any of the above please dont hesitate to contact as Partner organisations are also welcome You can contact us on Tel 256(0) 77-520964or77-327140 Volunteers from Europe, America, Asia and Scanavian Countries are most welcome

  • OBEID SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL IS LOCATED AT KYENGERA,8 KM on Kampala - Masaka Road in Uganda East Africa this school caters for both orphans and studeents from the back-waters.We need volunteers to come and work with us from all over the world.
    I am,
    Mukasa M.ALLY,

  • Re: Volunteers needed in Uganda in East Africa - KACCAD NGO

    I'm a Ugandan student in dire need of becoming a volunteer at your place.I'm in Uganda and i'm willing to answer whatever you would like to know about me.
    Looking forward to hearing from you:Robert

  • Hullo
    iam willing to become a volunteer with KACCAD.your early response will be much appreciated

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    I am Goldy M. George from India. I am a social worker for more than a decade. I would like to volunteer some time to this process.
    Hope to listen from you soon
    Let me know kindly if any more information is needed for this
    Warm regards

  • hullo
    Iam a fresh graduate in Economics.Iam looking forward to becoming a volunteer of KACCAD.Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Iam an INdian, a post graduate in Sociology with some community work experience, I wd like to know more about ur needs, please write

  • Everybody interested in doing voluntary work in Uganda should look at . I am starting a small scale project in Uganda to provide a fantastic local organization to achieve its goals, and we are in great need of some people that can help.

  • Hello Everyone! I am from a large group of people from around the world who sponsor school children in Uganda for $20 a YEAR,school fee. This has been the most rewarding sponsorship i have ever been involved in. We work closely with the school and we can ask them questions and find out the real needs of our sponsored child. We recieve a photo from our child and letters. You can write your child,send gifts and visit them anytime you would like. We have a person from our group going there in May or June,she would be happy if anyone would like to go with her . I love the group i am part of,you are very involved in projects and helping think of ideas that we can better the life of these children...we put our words to action. We also have a Poultry Project that we are trying to accomplish for these children. Many of the children are Orphans,are hungry and alone. Most of them don't even own a pair of shoes! Most of them use a pit in the ground for a toliet! Won't you please contact me to help us better a childs life? The children will be happy to hear there is a new sponsor!


  • I am looking for Ms.Alusa, a maragoli lady, probably living with an indian family in Uganda.She was born in Bungoma, Kenya in 1966, and se is a mixed lady.

  • Hi,

    We are a organization in the process of becoming a charitable organization. We help the poor in Africa by building wells, sending gifts, sponsorship, and are building our first orphanage!

    One of the schools in Uganda we assist is in desprate need of a well. If you would like to help us fundraise we would be seure to send you pictures, informaion, etc. It would be a great help, and much needed,

  • Hi, we are a small organisation working in Uganda. Codewe is the Global Coalition for Development and Welfare. Our website is We've only just set up the website.

    The aim of the founder members of Codewe is to help alleviate poverty in Uganda but then moving on to a larger scale. However, at the moment we are looking for people around the world to take an interest. We have set up a message board for an exchange of ideas, experiences etc. This should also hopefully be a cultural exchange allowing a greater understanding of people on other parts of the world.

    Please check out the website and see what we are about. I got involved with the organisation after meeting one of the members in Uganda last year. I think the idea of being locally run is very good and can add something to the work or larger, western run NGOs.

    If you're interested in Africa or in development in any way you might like what we are saying.


    Stephen McConnachie

  • Uniting Care Southern Sudan is a non-profit organisation formed in Sydney, Australia 2007 and we looking for volunteers who would be happy to help us raise the money we needed to build a Clinic in Rumbek, South Sudan. The health situation in Rumbek is afalling as refugees return home after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. So Uniting Care southern Sudan will raise money and build a Clinic in the area to help minimise the poor health system.

    All volunteers are welcome.

  • Dear my Brother/sister,
    I greet you in His name.My name is Molly Kates from New Yok.Am 23 years old and a christian.My main reason for this e-mail is to kinfly introduce to you a childens' school in Uganda (East Africa).

    A little background,in 2006 in May,me and my friend Ashley,we wre hosted by a friend called Ronald Magezi in his parents home in Uganda during our college service trip to Uganda which was sponsored by our college.The college arranges such trips to students to go and help out .During our two months stay from May 21st-July 4th we came across many children who were in REAL poverty and suffering and could not even afford to go to school or even afford basic needs.We were so touched to learn that most of these children were orphans and their care takers could not do much to help them since they also had their own children who they had to take care of as well.we also learnt that some had just one meal a day which made us almost cry because they were just innocent children who deserved the rights to be happy.Whenever we would take a walk on the village,most of these children would run to us asking us for money or asking us to come with them to the United States,oh it would make us cry........

    After seeing what was happening in this village, we sat down with Ron and discussed how we can help the children wih the little we had atleast to help them go to scholl because we are just college students who have no much money.So we decided that since we do not have alot of money to take each child to a school,we decided that we build our own school how ever small it may be so long as these children could get free education.After all this,i had to withdraw the us$ 1000 which o had saved on my account so that construction could begin.

    Am very glad to tell you that we were able to start up a primary school though with a few class rooms(3).So when we went back to the US we left everything in Ron's hands to make sure that he runs the this school as we also tried to make sure that we raised some more money to complete the construction of the 3 class rooms we had started with and also build more class roos so that more children can join this school.
    o this year in summer (June) w went back to Uganda to see how Ron was running the school and also take some gifts and scholarstic materias to the children.Everything seemed to go well but the biggest problem we still have are funds to pay the school teachers,class rooms,school uniforms and scholarstic materials.During our stay,we would also teach children mainly English and Mathematics, it was such a great experience.
    We named this school after the village name NANSANA JOY PRIMARY SCHOOL.It has now 76 chldren,70 of these are orphans and the other 6 their parents are very poor and can not afford school,they are both boys and girls between the ages of 4-16 years.

    So the main reason for this e-mail is to kindly request you to please help join us raise funds to be able to build more class rooms,buy more school uniforms,buy scholarstic materials,clothes and paying of teachers who give their time to teach these children.Any contributions will be highly appreciated.
    In my next e-mail.i will send you some pictures of me and my friends Ashley with thw children during this year's summer visit.

    Thank you you very much for giving me this opportunity to write to you and for taking your time to read this e-mail,may the good Lord reward you abundantly.

    Yours trully,
    Molly Kates.

  • Here is a great video I found about a primary school in Mbarara, Uganda:

    Not much information, but great photos/videos.

  • Gorgeous photo taken in Uganda:

    We need volunteers at our community project Organization , for more info. please visit our website
    Hope to here from you
    Thank you