White Label SEO - Is It Beneficial For Both Partners?

  • White label SEO is beneficial both for SEO providers and resellers. Basically, it is a commercial agreement between two entities where an SEO reseller up-sells an SEO service offered by an SEO provider, by hiding the identity of the original provider. In return, the SEO reseller is paid a certain amount of money on a regular basis for the service. SEO experts advise that it is wise to purchase white label services only from a reliable provider or reseller because there are many fraudulent SEO firms who offer SEO services at low rates, sometimes as low as a few dollars per month.

    The SEO firm should be a team of experts comprising of content creation specialists and search engine optimizers with years of practical experience behind them. They should have a well-established reputation of providing genuine SEO services with effective results. Before selecting an SEO provider or a reseller, you should make sure that the firm has content creation specialists who have SEO experience and are capable of creating fresh, relevant, and high-quality content.

    You should also check whether the SEO Group Buy Tools firm has white partners or affiliates who can help you in using ethical methods to promote your website. There are many SEO providers who provide search engine optimization with no other support from the partners. Such SEO firms charge a very high fee and do not offer maintenance services. Such firms are mostly scam firms and it is advisable to stay away from them.

    If you want to purchase white label SEO services from any reliable SEO firm, then a proper inquiry process should be followed from the very start. The SEO firm will have to know your business size and traffic requirements before offering any deal. If you are running small online business, then you only need to look for affordable SEO partner rather than hiring a full-fledged SEO provider or reseller. There are several companies offering SEO services at affordable rates and are popularly known as full service or small business size SEO providers.

    Most SEO agencies offer free white label SEO services at affordable rates. This can save you a lot of money if you are going to hire an SEO agency for managing your SEO efforts. Another important aspect of such agencies is that they constantly monitor the developments of the internet market and recommend appropriate changes in SEO strategies accordingly. When selecting any SEO provider, you should check whether they offer any updates in their SEO strategies periodically. It is also essential for the SEO agency to continuously update themselves on the various changes in the industry. Such agencies can benefit your business by suggesting correct and effective solutions to improve your website rankings.

    With proper research and development, SEO agencies can successfully create white-label SEO campaigns that are beneficial both for the clients and providers. For instance, if you are planning to launch a new product online, then there are various steps you must take before your site can launch. You need to list down all the information related to the new product, the target audience, the pricing strategy, and so on. If you do not list down all these data at the beginning, then it is difficult for the search engine to analyze your site properly and suggest a suitable SEO campaign. Instead of launching the product without any SEO efforts, it makes sense to launch it with proper SEO marketing strategies and then gradually build on that. However, most companies ignore this process and this can cost them their businesses as they never get an opportunity to realize any results.

    Another way in which white-label SEO is beneficial to both SEO Providers and Resellers is that it allows them to share in the benefits. If an SEO firm decides to launch a campaign, then it generally requires a certain amount of work and investment. However, if a third-party SEO company launches the same campaign for free, then the SEO company will not have to invest a lot of money or time in content creation. If a client successfully uses the SEO services and finds them to be highly beneficial for his business, then the client may want to promote the same SEO services to other clients and in the process he would also be benefitting from the content creation services of the third-party SEO company. It is therefore, in the best interests of both the partner in question to come together and form a mutually beneficial relationship.

    There is however, one thing that an SEO firm needs to keep in mind when they opt for white-label SEO. This is that the SEO agency must ensure that the content created by the partner agency and passed on to the client's website is original and not plagiarized. Any copying and pasting of content should be carefully scrutinized and the same rectified by the concerned SEO agency. This would help the SEO agency from being blacklisted by Google and the other major search engines.


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