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  • Forum Information Needed

    I am searching for information about a movement or organization known as The Forum. I only have a little information on it and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can enlighten me about the subject.

    Here is what I do know. There is initially 3 sixteen hour day seminars that cost around $300-$400 dollars. After that there are weekly seminars that are free. The Forum involves a community of people helping each other help themselves solve problems.

    This is all I know, and could very well be inaccurate. Thank you in advance for any help.


  • I came across this while looking for yoga gear online. There is a company called Patagonia that not only makes great clothes for outdoor lifestyles but they are doing a huge campaign called "Vote The Environment" to stress the importance of voting in the November election. If you go to www.patagonia.com/vote you can register to vote and you can get answers about where both candidates stand on environmental issues. There is a spooky picture of whats happening to our wild places right now on the front page! Find out which candidate supports your environmental views! Fight to save our planet by casting your vote in November!

  • I cannot find information anywhere, about joining the Missionaries of Charity, and would really be interested to find out how to go about it. If anyone could please lend me some information or links about how to get into contact with the organizations in the United States, I would appreciate it so much☺ Thank you!

  • 一个美国建筑公司要求提交的设计思路,为新中国领事馆大楼建于2013年在阿拉巴马州伯明翰。这座大楼将位于隔壁的新的俄罗斯领事馆建筑物。该建筑应反映中国的重 大历史和文化。直接与我联系与问题,想法和意见书。


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Welcome to the new People in Action
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