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    From now on, this Message Board is at your disposal.

    This is the new board for free communication that is going to accompany the People in Action directory, with the hope that it will be useful to you.

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    Possibilities of this Message Board

    For example, you can use this message board:

    • To exchange information on environmental or social improvement initiatives or associations, projects of alternative living, positive activities in very different fields, etc.

    • To meet people and groups sharing those interests (ecology, solidarity, etc.) with you.

    • To express your opinions, etc., freely.

    • To share ideas or facts that can be of interest or useful.

    • To present webs on the subjects of the directory and message board.

    • To offer or request services, materials, etc., within these subjects.

    • To promote communication and cooperation.

    • And, in general, for whatever you like. All power to the imagination.

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    One site among thousands

    Thanks to several people for your messages and interest in People in Action, but the reality is very simple. Volunteer work is not a novelty. 🙂

    People in Action is a site among the thousands that exist already on the topics of ecology, solidarity, etc., and the many that happily are created every day. The more, so much the better.

    This web discuss about the countless people who in the world try to change the things a little in a positive way. The directory by subjects and the message boards are a very small support, one of many, to facilitate information and cooperation in a variety of fields. Mainly, in the reformist and new alternatives way.

    If we observe our world, there is so much to do and our life is so brief that spontaneously a large part of the people wish to make good use of it to try to contribute, within our limitations, some few beautiful and positive things, little though.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Membership


    Please tell me how I can become a member of this organization.

    Thank you
    Annita Staton

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    About People in Action

    Dear Annita,

    Thank you very much for your interest and good will.

    People in Action is not an organization with members, but a web guide to good people in action, organizations, etc., around the world caring for the people, the environment, etc.

    Through the links, you can contact many groups and organizations that welcome help and volunteers.

    Good luck, with best wishes.

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    Note: Many posts have been moved from topics like this to their suitable sections.

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