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  • The eleventh spring of my life has finally arrived, and the flower of the sleeping heart in my heart has been awakened. "I don't forget to dig wells when I eat water." I will not forget that you plant this gorgeous flower in the depths of my heart, and let me have a heart that will be grateful to all things in the world. Do you remember? Two years ago, the ordinary car accident? Maybe you have forgotten, but I have already branded this accident in my mind, and I have been lingering for a long time. What a blue sky; what an ordinary afternoon; what a bustling street. It is bustling but peaceful, and it seems to forget the troubles here. Everything is so peaceful and so good. But it is here - a street without annoyance. But it gave us a lot of troubles in the whole family - when you sent me to school, accidentally, the car turned over, and you also got an intracranial hemorrhage and moved the operation. Afterwards, I always celebrated my blessings and did not suffer a trace of harm. I didn't understand until you were discharged from the hospital [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. The reason why I am fine is because you are afraid of me being hurt and I am pressing on you. If it weren't for you, it would not be unusual for me to have a fracture. I sometimes want to say: Why are you so stupid, using your own health, in exchange for the pain of others, is this not a loss of "sales and sales"? At the same time, let me think: If I am you, I Will it be "sold"? You are wearing a hat for the year after you leave the hospital. Winter is okay, and in the summer, people��s sarcasm and ridicule are inevitable. But you never blame me. That is, from then on, the flower of the heart will bloom in my heart. Your love for me is no less than that of mom and dad; your love for me [url=][/url], I have not been able to live forever. But I am grateful to you, but only treat you with sincerity [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], wash your feet and lick your back, just to let you enjoy the bathing of love in your old age. If you want to ask me why, just because of the name of the flower ��
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Welcome to the new People in Action

Welcome to the new People in Action
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