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  • Agro Eco Consultancy - For organic agriculture and products

    Agro Eco Consultancy offers consultancy, project management, training and quality control in organic agriculture. We advise in the development of the entire production and distribution chain of organic products in over 35 countries worldwide.

    In our "Links" ("Miscellaneous") section, I have included People in Action (organic agriculture links).

    Best regards, Aldin.
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    Mr. Aldin Hilbrands (MSc)
    Aquaculture and Fisheries Consultant
    Agro Eco Consultancy
    P.O. Box 176
    3970 AD Driebergen
    The Netherlands
    T ++31.343.536.111
    F ++31.343.531.100

  • The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont


    I'm the webweaver for the Northeast Organic Farming Association
    of Vermont. Our site:


    Gregg Banse (
    The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
    PO Box 697
    Richmond, Vermont 05477

    (802) 434-4122

  • Sustainable Agriculture and It's Future. Send your opinion.

    The following information on the future to sustainable agriculture in the world was sent to me as an e-mail. For more information on this subject please contact Vikas Narula at the end of this message.

    On 11/16/98, nselections wrote:
    Dear Natural Law Party Friends, plus others,

    This is an urgent call to action to prevent possible disasters of
    unimaginable magnitude. The USDA is considering licensing Monsanto's
    technology to make seeds fertile for one generation only, which would
    that farmers would have to buy seed every year, putting them at the
    of fluctuating market conditions, and possible communication and
    distribution problems. This could be especially disastrous in
    countries, where social unrest could interfere with receipt of American
    There is also the probability that these genetically manipulated
    will cross-pollinate with "wild" plants to inhibit seed production in
    naturally occuring species as well, which could create an ecological
    disaster. There is an urgent international email campaign on by RAFI
    (Rural Advancement
    Foundation International) at:

    to stop the USDA from negotiating with Monsanto to license the
    technology. This feature of genetic manipulation sterilizes seeds from
    harvests so that farmers are forced to go back to the commercial seed
    market to purchase seeds for the next season. Traditionally farmers keep

    their seeds for the next season's planting. This is especially true in
    third world countries. And guess what?
    Monsanto has targeted developing countries as their main
    about strangleholds on the poor, much less the global food market.

    The campaign is fully automated, so one can send a letter to different
    senators and USDA officials with just a click of the mouse - you don't
    to write
    anything. It also doesn't matter what country one is from. The
    negotiations are underway now and will be finalizing these coming weeks.

    Please take a few minutes to go into the RAFI website and send a protest letter; or for maximum
    effectiveness, take a few more minutes and handwrite a few points and
    your letter to:

    The Honorable Dan Glickman
    Secretary of Agriculture
    200-A Whitten Bldg.
    1400 Independence Ave., SW
    Washington DC 20250

    Please pass on this information to all your friends, favourite news
    etc, and any international connections you may have. We were successful
    saving Organic Standards (at least for the moment) in the U.S. with a
    similar letter-writing campaign, and this issue has even

    Vikas Narula tel: 612-915-8000
    Vital Images, Inc. fax: 612-915-8010
    3100 West Lake St., Suite 100 web:
    Minneapolis, MN 55416 url:

  • Organic Sorghum : Low tanin type for human food and backery products

    Could produce appr. 3000 tons (or more)of organic sorghum in northern Argentina against firm l/c order for specific clients,governments ,etc .Delivery between january and mai-june 2000

  • I want to Work on a Farm

    Hi. I want to learn about ecological agriculture and traditional farming. I would like to work on a farm this summer, and learn how to grow food with nature, instead of against it. My father's family farmed rice for 400 years, but it was really hard. I live in San Francisco, CA USA. I'd like to work on an organic farm in Asia or Latin America. Can anyone connect we with an organization that is sincerely committed to the earth? If possible, does anyone know of any projects in Guatemala? I would like to learn there.
    Thank you very much
    Ru-yi (today is May 14, 1999 if people could get back to me in the next 2 weeks that would really help my summer) THANKS SO MUCH FOLKS!

  • the amazing uses of freshly ground rock

    These usefullnesses include the timely harnessing of agression when producing it ((so an alignment of self-preservation and species-(yes not just procreation but biodiversity)-preservation takes place)).
    The links on the subject here at peopleinaction seem old so I invite you to peruse each of my 6 linklists (except the balkan one) to find a collection of introductory and advanced treatments:

  • Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association


    I am trying to locate this journal, its source and a web site if possible. Any help gratefully received

  • PinoyFarmer website

    Good day ppl (=

    I'd like to invite everyone to visit our web site:

    The project aims to develop and implement a pilot program of a market-driven support services delivery using information technology. This pilot program will demonstrate a paradigm shift in the planning and implementation of agricultural development. It aims to develop a revitalized extension service which will equip the farming and fishing communities in making sound business decisions. It will also encourage participation of said groups in the development of profitable, sustainable, and appropriate farm innovations.

    Here are some of the features you'll see in our web site:

    Current news affecting the Philippine agriculture

    Market Information

    Discussion Board

    We welcome any comments/suggestions in improving our web site (=

  • Re: Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association

    Dear Charles Howie,
    Please kindly web site of Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association and
    Journal for Farming Systems Research and Extension
    Details of subscription.
    Thanking you

  • Re: Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association

    Dear all,

    I am a lecturer in agricultural economics. I am very interested in farming systems. How to get publication on this issues for further studying.

    Thank a lot.

    Bao Trung

  • Re: Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association

    Dear Charles Howie,
    Please kindly send me the web site of Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association and
    Journal for Farming Systems Research and Extension
    Details of subscription.
    Thanking you

  • Re: Journal of the Asian Farming Systems Association

    Dear Editor,
    I am unterested to publish on research article on J Farming System Research Extension. Kindly snd me details of the journal in my address email :


  • Dear Friends

    IIAA (International Institute of Agroinformatics and Agromanagement is running unique and only one of its
    kind Distance Learning programs in the area of agroinformatics, agromanagement and organic farming. Details are available at

    These are unique distance learning program with global placement support. It is a great opportunity to take up specialisation in this major area of demand.

    International Institute of Agroinformatics and Agromanagement
    64/28, Arya Nagar Suraj Kund Road
    Meerut - 250 001, UP (India)
    Tel: 91-121-2645294
    Mobile - 9818473366
    Email -

  • Does anyone know the health differences for drinking green tea from a large corporation (ie, lipton), and drinking organic green tea? Do large corporations refine the tea leaves or anything like that? Please and and thank you!!

  • hello friends,
    I am an agronomist speciallised in organic agriculture,i would like to work in an organic farm from march 2005 untill january 2006 in netherlands.


  • Hello, I'm looking for someone to be an apprentice at an organic farm in Carrollton, GA. Starting date to be arranged, but probably within the next month (March, 2006). I'll be the other apprentice. There'll be two of us. The farm is owned by a very nice vegetarian couple in their 40s- 50s. A vegetarian person would be ideal. Please contant me by phone (813) 484 8977 or email at My name is Diana. I'm 18 years old.

  • I want to know if anyone knows of a site that can help tell me a list of fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides used in tea farming.(inorganic)

  • A web platform for local project developers


    This is Mira, currently based in the Netherlands.
    Already since a few months I’ve got this idea spinning in my head of setting up a website for ecological project developers (especially those that are not part of an organization – e.g. sustainable agriculture projects, local networks, etc.). The idea is to set up a web platform, where on one hand project developers can promote their projects and exchange ideas and concepts with other developers and on the other hand it will be a database for people that are interested in reading and learning about/ or collaborating with existing projects. Important is hereby that the platform is of practical use for both parties and that it empowers people to become active in real life activities.

    I’m still working on concept papers for this idea and trying to make the concept more concrete. Also I am currently doing an investigation see if there is really a need for such a website. Does that sound interesting to you? Would you like to help me in further developing this idea?! If so please contact me!

    Best Regards,


  • Hi,
    We need fresh organic fruits & vegetables from all over the world.

  • The IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Internet Training Platform offers you free access to a broad range of high quality training materials on Organic Agriculture, announcements of organic training opportunities worldwide and contacts with institutions offering training in Organic Agriculture.


  • Hello everyone. I wanted to share our blog: My wife, Hillary and I have started a small-scale, sustainable farm in Gig Harbor, Washington. The blog chronicles the birth and growth of this farm and provides tips and techniques. Please visit and remember the advertisers generate revenue that goes back to the farm!!

  • For hire: a place in Spain whom fall in love.
    A place of art, nature and silence.

    In a rural place of the Mediterranean at 800 meters high, with its own wood of oaks, there is a shelter CUENTOS VIVOS. With a view to the Mediterranean sea. A balcony to enjoy sea visually, which is half an hour away by car, and 60 kilometers from a population of 200,000

    CUENTOS VIVOS is the work of a sculptor 11 years.
    Nature is our host, is one that embraces us and CUENTOS VIVOS belongs to nature, part of it.
    Place of retirement.
    Place to create.
    To step aside.
    Wind place.
    Place of change.
    Place of stations.
    Of moons.
    Of dawns.
    Of silence.
    Of reunion with one itself.
    Of stopping.
    Place of self-sufficiency.
    Only beings with conscience can inhabit this place. Adult and responsible persons.
    • Two spaces for two people each and two spaces for one person in each.
    • Workshop for iron and wood work.
    • A biological farm of 80.000 meters with grove of oaks, more I cultivate of walnuts and fruit trees.
    • Small seasonal vegetable gardens irrigated by drip.
    • Small animals corral.

    More information:

  • Would you like to supplement your income by promoting and consuming Organic food and beverage products? If so, consider joining one of the fastest growing companies “Beyond Organic” founded by Dr. Jordan Rubin and enjoy a very generous compensation plan for getting your friends and loved ones involved. It is easy to reach more people now with the click of a button than ever before. Utilize social network websites and word of mouth to promote your business. Big business has contaminated our food supplies for years and as a result Americans have suffered from diseases such as diabetes, depression, obesity, and cancer. Isn’t it time to consider healthier alternatives for yourself and the ones closest to you? To get involved please visit the following link and make a difference.

  • Nowadays the Internet especially its USA segment is full of propositions and recipes - how to brew so called COMPOST TEA. Weird people try to do weird things. The matter is that it takes a lot of time to be prepared and nobody knows what kind of bacteria and funguses he grows. Together with useful bacteria there can live harmful fungi and other plant diseases in your compost. Instead of it you can take already done and guaranteed microorganisms which will work in the soil and on plants as fungicides and insecticides. Any harm, any lost time, any equipment. The whole you need is the biological preparation and water. To be sure visit the page Believe me you’ve never seen something better.

  • We have been doing a greater variety of dehydrating projects. Part of is due to the fact we are using more dehydrated foods and part of it is that we have more foods to process.

    We have been making prunes from plums and raisins from grapes. They are not exactly like the ones you get in the grocery store as they tend to get a little dryer and chewier. They have a stronger flavor and not quite as sweet and so they are tasty in baking or even for snacking.

    Another big project has been preserving herbs. Sarah picks the leaves off the stems and places them in the dehydrator. The dried leaves then take a few seconds in the blender to finely mince. We have pints and quarts of our favorite spices enough to last through till next year.

    We put peaches in the dehydrator and our apples will be going in soon. Watermelon and cantaloupe are great too!

    We have two Air Preserve II dehydrators with extra trays and one smaller model. We put them in the greenhouse to keep the warm moist air out of the house. This works out very well for us as we can process a bushel of apples or tomatoes in two-three days. The trays are easy to clean as they can just go in the dishwasher, a couple at a time. ☺.


Wood houses - Resources

Wood houses - Resources
Build your wood house while protecting nature and the environment. This is the update of selected resources on environmentally friendly houses made of wood, the major building material that's renewable and sustainable over the long term.

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