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  • A future in the Peace Corps

    I am interested in the possibility of becoming involved in the Peace Corps following my college graduation. Are there any ways for me to get involved now? Could anyone offer any suggestions??? Please email me any responses or post the message. Thanks a lot!

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    Link: Peace Corps

    Good luck with your so beautiful project.

    Volunteers working in poor countries. Humanitarian organization created by John F. Kennedy.

    People in Action: Developing Countries.

  • 40,000 children died today....

    ...that's right. 40,000 children died today, 40,000 died yesterday, 40,000 will die tomorrow, and every day thereafter. EVERY SINGLE DAY 40,000 children die of hunger and hunger related disease. These are not nameless faces. These are real children with dreams of a better future. but they have no future unless we step in.

    We are Childcare International, a 16 year old Christian ministry dedicated to helping the poor. Please visit our web site at

    for details on how you can become involved.

    God bless you,

    Max Lange
    Childcare International

  • Support for aid workers


    Does anyone know of a newsgroup, email discussion forum, magazine or in fact anything that provides support for international aid workers?
    I would like to join.


  • Re: 40,000 children died today....

    How do you know not more than that died? Or less? PLEASE WRITE BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

           THANKS A MILLION,




    7 YEARS experience in Training and Capacity Building Since 1995, I have enhanced the capacities of Community based business skills provider organizations・Board of Directors, Executive Directors, staff and client groups to effectively deliver small business and poverty eradication strategies through programs based in the pooreast regions in eastern and western regions of KENYA as well as UGANDA and TANZANIA.

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    If you are living in Barcelona and would like to volunteer as part of a humanist project that has to do with solidarity (Humanist help to Mozambique), communication (local magazine) and
    actions that promote non violence (seminars, workshops, videos, radio programs) call us and make part of social change through personal change.
    Isabel: 626 229 471

  • Major population of the world live in rural villages estimated 55% in developed countries and 70% in develping countries, some more and in some countries is less.
    Among these rural population 60% or more has less land or no land. Majority of those having small land is because of land division among increased number of family. If father / mother have one land that is divided among all children so this small land is not enough to make as source of income

    click thelink below:

  • Scandals, about which nobody in Bahamas wants to speak
    (Read full report at

    What makes the situation at the Bahamas frustrating, is the fact that the Prime
    Minister Perry Christie is himself a lawyer. And under his guidance there
    prevails a wide-spread corruption and chaos in the juridical system of his
    country. Bahamian businessmen and foreign investors not only accuse him of
    fighting very less against corruption, before the background that at the moment
    he must be having the best knowledge of the insufficient conditions in the
    judicial system, his participation at some places is suggested.

    It is correct that Perry Christie has knowledge about the fact, that his lawyer
    colleagues delay judicial rulings without moral principles consciously (scandal

    1), manipulate negotiations for the financial disadvantage of their own client

    (scandal # 2), uninhibited increased costs in calculation take place (scandal #

    1. as well as scruplesless values of mandates take over (scandal # 4). The often
      demanded and necessary reforms of the Bahamian judicial system won't take place in order afew people can profit from it (scandal # 5). Even the highest judge of the Bahamas, Sir Burton
      Hall, does not shrink from expressing a likewise criticism.

    It is a breaking of law, if the law system of Bahamas does not permit a
    plaintiff, his entitled demands in acceptable way with courts (scandal # 6).
    There are sufficient serious complaints about attorneys - often also of white
    foreigners - that the Bar Association of the Bahamas, the Minister of Justice
    or even the Prime Minister are involved (scandal # 7).

    “ Lawyers have the license to print money”

    Firstly the totally primitive, terse behaviour of the lawyers is criticised
    (scandal # 8), which however has extensive negative effects. Would you like to
    know lawyers, who do not answer letters and e-mails (scandal # 9) to not keep
    discussion dates (scandal # 10) or to do not appear on the court dates (scandal

    11)? Then the Bahamas are correct. It is generally normal, if one does not continously reach his lawyer on the phone

    (scandal #12) and also does not receive an answer from him (scandal # 13). Is it
    to not even be called a certain insolence, if shortly before a court date, a
    brief discussion with the lawyer cannot take place (scandal #14) and if the
    secretary only tersely repeats, that the lawyer” is not in the island”
    Foreigners are known to report: The chaos in the judicial system of the Bahamas
    can be hardly over done any more. And do not believe on the assured
    call backs (scandal # 15). On the Bahamas even the smallest faith in justice
    remains at a distance.

    Actually there are these not ending delays, that readily lead to the evaluation
    that the tactical behaviors of the Bahamian lawyers stink to the sky (scandal #
    16). Does one have to really ask here the question, whether a lawyer want to charge high and highest costs from an allegedly rich
    foreigner (scandal # 17)? At tables reserved for regulars one knows it exactly:
    “ A lawyer of the Bahamas has the license to print the money!”


    Visit also

  • Am Ronald Magezi from Uganda(EAST AFRICA) and if you are interested in coming to Uganda and do some Volunteer work,please e-mail me and i will make arrangements for your stay here.My e-mail address is:

    Thank you very much and i hope to hear from you soon.God Bless You.

  • you know what wondering, why is philippines still not one of the developing countries? it was the richest but why? is it because of the president or what? of it's because of over populated?

  • We still have some places available for Spring / Summer 2006 internships and volunteer work in India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and China as well as Singapore. We work with major multinational companies as well as global NGO's. Last year we were happily sending out over 300 volunteers on short and long term projects as well as placing 200 interns in Asia.

    For more information kindly visit our website:

    or e-mail at

  • Do you think that most countries are still Developing Countries because of wars?

    If so what Developing Countries/Country would like to help?

    And how would you help them or what resource would you use to help them?

    What countries are suffering the most?

    And what proof do you have that this country been suffering the most?


    HOPE 'n HOME makes a positive difference in the lives of the deprived society of NEPAL by providing volunteering opportunities to international volunteers.
    We provide support to committed volunteers who have an understanding and respect of all races, religions and cultures. Our programs are intended to be flexible and we aim to accommodate all interests, needs and budgets.
    We send volunteers to orphanages, centers for disabled children, health posts, hospitals, and to schools and communities to generate awareness regarding environment,sanitation and teaching english.

    The ultimate goal of this Volunteer Program is to give the Nepalese the necessary tools to help themselves. Your time, talent and contribution can help us do that. Through our resources and your involvement, together we can better the lives of the Nepalese.

    Check our WEBSITE:{

  • dear forum members-
    please check oursite &getmore information on funding agencies for n.g.o's-

  • Do you think that most countries are still Developing Countries because of wars? No i believe countries are still developing becuase of political change and not unity between all ethic groups in the country. Not necessary through violence but also technology and resourses.

    If so what Developing Countries/Country would like to help? I would love to help Bolivia and Colombia

    And how would you help them or what resource would you use to help them? I would want to educate the people that there is something better out there and to educate their youth.

    What countries are suffering the most? I believe the countries in Africa

    And what proof do you have that this country been suffering the most? The amount of death that has hit there people.

  • Teaching as Volunteer in Nepal

    Teaching English in Nepal. In this program volunteers mainly support formal education and will teach English for 3 to 4 hours each day for 5 days a week in Pokhara and around Pokhara. Besides formal teaching, they will be involved in encouraging students to take initiation and organize extracurricular learning activities for life skills and personal development.

    Government school children will be 5 to 16 years of age and the number of students per class can range from 20 to 60, however, volunteers will focus a great deal of their teaching groups before and after school.
    ACDF can also provide opportunities for volunteers who are interested to teach after subjects like maths environment art, music sports and other vocational subjects.For more details see

  • What is child labour: Any child under the age specified by law worldwide works full time, mentally or physically to earn for own survival or adding to family income, that interrupts child’s social development and education is called “child labour”.
    Any child under the age of 15 engaged in activity to feed family or self is “child labour”. ILO Convention 138 (C. 138) obligates countries to fix a minimum age for employment that should not be less than the age for completing compulsory schooling and, in any event, should not be less than 15 years. Developing countries may set the minimum age at 14. C-138 provides flexibility for countries to establish a younger minimum age of 12 or 13 for children to partake in “light work.”
    Children’s participation in economic activity - that does not negatively affect their health and development or interfere with education, can be positive. Work that does not interfere with education (light work) is permitted from the age of 12 years under the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 138. So child engaged in part time work to learn practical skill linked to social or inherited custom or crafts is not child labor. It becomes “child labour” only when child weaves carpet in a factory; earns money to support family without schooling, social development. On the other hand if child works for 3-4 hours to learn or earn for self or parents after schooling, would not be known as child labour as is additional education and practical skill that a child learns.

    Definition of elements of worst forms of child labour- all types of slavery, forceful hiring of children, commercial and sexual exploitation of children, hard working condition.
    With the change of world order future education system would be more practical than present system of theory from books and notebooks. Each child would be encouraged to involve in practical education that gives skill to survive in competitive world. So, defining “education” becomes important to define “child labour”. Thus any child works for pleasure, leisure, pocket money, helping parents, hobby, aspiration, non hazardous part time work is not “child labour”. “Child labour” purely accounts when child is forced to work under slavery, poverty, parentless or social or parent’s boycott.

    Types of child labour- Self employed and employed with others are two categories of child labour:
    • Self employed- street sellers, rag or scrap pickers, street entertainers, child prostitution or pornography (but mostly they are hired by notorious gangs), begging, and other odd jobs. These types of children are mainly street children and rural migrants. Most these children are parentless, abandoned by parents, riot or war misery. The situation changes; in poor countries they are helping hand to the parents.
    • Employed with others- factory or mine workers, domestic servants, child prostitution or pornography. Conducting work in other’s premises or in other’s custody. Such children work with parents consent or are parentless. Some are sold or some work to help parents to meet livelihood.

  • hello everyone!
    My name is Nicole. I am a high school student in America. I am interested in speaking about education in developing countries. If anybody is interested please contact me by email.

  • hi, i am looking for someone to talk to about different issues that are going on in developing countries.

  • Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone to touch base with on the issues of hunger and the homeless in developing countries. If there is anyone interested, please get back to me. thanks.


    Dear Sir/ Madam
    It is happy to know that you have chosen the field of the Social work through the Non Government Organization (NGO). As you have a registered Society/Trust to work For the benefit of your people, I would like to introduce myself as a man who is in the field of NGO activity for More than 15 years. The Central Government and the State Government has various schemes to extend grant In Aid to the various NGOs. Moreover there are many International/Foreign Funding agencies and donors who generously donate for the NGO activity in the field of Education, Economic, Social, Culture, Health And Religious. To achieve the aims and objectives of your NGO we offer free consultancy service for the following Matters:

    1. To get Registration under the various Acts of the Country like FCRA (Foreign Contribution), 12A, 80G, 35, 1&2, 35 1&3, 10(23) C, 35 AC of the IT Act 1961 And with National and International Mother NGOs.
    2. How to register a society and Trust under the various Acts of the Societies registration Acts of the state and Central Government.
    3. How to prepare and to make available various Project profile in the field of education, Health, Socio-economic, etc, etc.
                4. The funds and donation for the NGO could be arranged from:  

    I) From Central and state Government as grant in Aid, Government of India Undertaking, Government of India Enterprises etc.
    II) Foreign Donations/foreign funding through FCRA.
    III) The Government of India is seriously Emphasizing on the corporate houses to keep Funds in the Corporate Social responsibility (CSR). We can arrange fund from the CSR also.
    IV) Donations from Domestic and International corporate houses and individual donors also.
    V) Funding from the foreign embassy in India.
    You can contact us in the following address on any matter related with the NGO activity and how to mobilize donations from the various sources as stated above.

    2- FOREIGN [F.C.R.A.]
    3- C.S.R.
    5- SOFT LONE
    1- 35AC
    2- 35 I&II
    3- 35 I&III
    4- F.C.R.A.
    5- 10[23]C
    6- 12 A[AA]
    7- 80G, AND ETC

    Contact Us
    16/10,First Floor, New Rohtak Road. Near Faze Road
    Crossing, Karol Bagh. New Delhi-110005

    TELIFAX- +91 - 11 - 23539563
    +91 - 11 - 23539547
    MO.NO.- +91 - 9990710026
    +91 - 9350388348

                        WEB SITE 

  • Food grain shortage may have many reasons but two main reasons we are not taking into consideration. They are excessive urban growth and pruning agricultural lands and agriculture as non profitable business any more.

    Similar situation is now with entire world, demand is more and production is less due to imbalanced economic policies. More attention is given to urban economic growth than the rural research and development. A day will come when a slogan or will find ad “Buy one kg of rice and get a laptops free” as computers and other electronic products will be much cheaper. Economic growth has to be balanced considering social condition of the country. Banning exports of essential items is only temporary solution to overcome present situation but for future food grain shortage will further aggravate as
    • Global warming - Nature earth’s own modifications and adjustments is the natural. Excessive human population, Excessive concrete buildings – industries (even excessive urbanization has role to warm our globe), carbon fuel based transportations heat up environment to reduce moisture in land results shortage and uncertain rain, river shrinkage, draught, shortage of water and so on.
    • 25 years back there was more agricultural land than of today many of them converted to more and more housing and industrial lands; whereas population growing fast, feeding will become challenge to most countries even developed countries will not escape. Nature’s priority is water, food and then shelter. Economic and scientific growth need to be first based on human needs.
    • Urban related economic growth thrusts agricultural land conversion to cities and building to accommodate urban population and industries. Over 20% of farm lands of developing countries have been converted to cities and buildings for the past decades and Over 50% of farmlands of villages (close to cities) got merged with cities.
    • Non profitable food grain production (international organization and appropriate governments shall have to reconsider bring back agricultural subsidies). Also make agriculture more profitable by linking customer and farmers by way of direct procurement by large stores, and other agencies so mediators and brokers are kept away. There are many reasons for high cost of production of food grain but as food comes in highest priority WTO and the Governments need to reconsider bringing back subsidies or other incentives to farmers as is the only solution to make agriculture more profitable to farmers. Present situation is such that farmers get more profit selling their land to builders than farming.
    • Escalation of essential food prices by “futures” trading (without add on value to product) helps hording so less and less mediators between producer and final customer. Present system of trading agricultural goods only helps middlemen from wholesalers to brokers. Their financial power helps them hold back stock to create artificial shortage.
    • Irrigation and water shortage (In fact water crisis is there but in some states and countries water is excessive causing disaster or consumed by sea. If scientists of missiles or warplanes work on how river water reaches sea after consumed by entire world, would convert desert land to fertile land).
    • Bio fuel is not alone the reason for food crisis as one day world will have to switch over to alternate source for fuel usage and bio fuel will be one of the substitutes. However, using human food as fuel is unjustified as food is the first priority than the fuel. Need to source other plants such as river or sea plants or from land plants not used for growing food grain.

  • Would you like to volunteer while travelling/trekking in Nepal? Volunteer in Nepal with Orphans,poor street children and/or victimized women for a day, a week or a month at Fresh Nepal. Volunteer in various projects at the orphanage which include teaching, health care and/or office work. Spend time with the children (orphans) playing and doing activites with them. Visit for more information

  • Hi, I am a student from the United States. I am looking for anyone who is interested in talking about the issue of Justice in their own countries. Thanks

    visit oursite-

  • I'm interested in discussing the role of women in developing countries. Please contact me at

  • Hello, I am an American student who is interested in discussing global justice issues, the issue of hunger and poverty in particular, with someone from a developing country. Thank you in advance for your time and insights.

  • Missing Government attention and uncreative education system are worsening rural employment opportunities to drive villagers to migrate to urban cities. Literate, semi-literate and illiterate all rush to cities in search of better opportunities. (As per World Bank figures: Almost 180,000 people are added to the urban population each day and It is estimated that there are almost a billion poor people in the world, of this over 750 million live in urban areas without adequate shelter and basic services. 1/3 of people in developing countries living in cities, live in slum/squatter settlements). Migrating rural labor force creating shortage to enhance labor cost. In addition, Minimum wage regulations and loss making sector entice farmers to sell off their lands to industrial and housing business owners.

  • Hi I’m an American high school student and I’m interested in talking to people from other countries about issues of social justice and there culture. i want to see what is happening around the world. if you are interested in talking please email me


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