Do You Have Thyroid Problem Symptoms, But Blood Tests Are Normal? Can It Be Linked to Menopause?

  • There are two common Thyroid Complete Thyroiddysfunction conditions. Hypothyroid, which means an underactive thyroid and Hyperthyroidism, which means an overactive thyroid. As I continue to do research and read about the effects of Menopause on women, I keep seeing that many women are experiencing something that has been driving my wife crazy for many years.

    She has every symptom of hypothyroidism. Everyone of them, right down the check list. She even feels a slight bulge in her neck, which sometimes makes it hard for her to swallow. Her doctor felt the lump and wondered about the thyroid. But after worrying about this for quite some time she had a blood test done. Thyroid was normal. She just sat down and cried. She just couldn't see how this was possible. She has done some research and it seems that some doctors believe that your blood test showing that your thyroid is in the normal range may not tell the whole story.

    These doctors believe that the stress your body is under while you enter menopause can cause extra need for the hormone made your thyroid that a "low normal" range thyroid just can't produce. This would mean that maybe the "range" for normal thyroid is too broad. What is good function for a man or young women could be Hypothyroidism for a middle aged woman.

    I went to several other blogs and entered some forums on the subject. There were several women responding that had really pursued their doctors on the subject. They insisted on new blood tests every few months and eventually they turned up with a test out of the range.

    I think this could mean that your thyroid doesn't begin to produce less hormone on a steady consistent deterioration. Maybe it starts and stops and bumps and grinds like a car motor that is out of tune. Working some days. Not so much the next.


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