Warning Signs of a Thyroid Problem

  • There are many warning signs Thyroid Rescue 911of a thyroid problem that an individual may experience. Approximately sixty million people in the United States alone suffer from an issue that is directly related to the thyroid - a small gland that is located in the neck region that is responsible for secreting various types of hormones that assist in providing a steady supply of energy to the cells that are located throughout the body.

    This very important component of the body has a direct impact on the metabolism that is experienced in the body. Individuals that suffer from issues with this gland may suffer from several different health complications. These include, but are not at all limited to, issues with the weight, the mood, and the energy that is experienced by the person. Here, you will learn some of the warning signs of a thyroid problem.

    Pain in the Body Many individuals that experience complications associated with the thyroid will find that they suffer from somatic pain, or pain in various regions of the body. The pain that is most often experienced is often felt in the muscles of the body, and in many instances, the joints. Many individuals may find that the hands and the arms and the legs are most affected pain wise.

    Not all individuals that experience thyroid problems will experience this pain. In the same respect, not all people that experience pain suffer from thyroid problems. If you experience pain in the body, it is important to meet with your doctor for an evaluation to determine the underlying cause.

    Unusual Neck Symptoms Many individuals that experience thyroid problems will experience complications associated with the neck region. In many cases, the neck symptoms start with the feeling that the neck is actually swelling up. Many may describe this discomfort as tightening sensations.

    Many that have a complication with the thyroid experience unusual changes associated with the voice. It most cases, the individual will sound very hoarse when they speak. It is also important to ensure that you keep track of any type of inflammation or enlargement that occurs within the neck region.



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