God's Role in Tragedy

  • When I speak to a group oneInstant Manifestation Secrets question is asked more than any other. "Do you believe that God caused your injury?"That's tough to answer because I know what's beneath the surface. A child gets cancer. A spouse dies in a senseless accident. Dreams and aspirations are destroyed indiscriminately, pain strikes needlessly, suffering endures pointlessly. And we want to know why. Why did this happen? Is it God's will? How could He do such an awful thing, or how could He allow it?

    I can't speak definitively for God (which probably doesn't surprise you) and I think there's great danger in claiming to understand the details of God's plan. We tend to create Him in our image and ascribe limited human motives to Him. We seek simplistic cause-and-effect explanations for complex circumstances. I'm convinced that His thoughts are bigger than our finite ability to reason.

    However, my injury has prompted me to examine the question of God's role in suffering and apparent tragedy. I've compiled an incomplete list of basic principles that cast some light for me into a troubling personal darkness.

    God's purpose and plan are bigger than anything I can see or even imagine.
    However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."



Plastic recycling - Books

Plastic recycling - Books
Nowadays, with the large cumulative build-up of plastic waste, there are more and more books on plastic recycling, sustainable plastic, and related issues. The following is an extensive selection in different sections, from kids to advanced technical books and ebooks.