Why Do You Suffer From Hair Loss? Top 10 Reasons For Hair Loss

  • Disorders of blood flow a HAR VOKSE continuous blood supply to the scalp is vital because blood brings oxygen, vitamins and minerals for the proper growth of hair. Among the factors that interfere with normal flow can be mental stress, head coverings, tight muscles in the back and neck problems and blocked veins.

    Skin problems long healthy hair will grow only is the scalp is healthy and clean. You must keep the scalp free of excess fat, redness, inflammation and sores. Inflammatory diseases of the skin, such as seborrhea and psoriasis upset the delicate balance of the skin and may accelerate the processes of losing hair.

    Hormonal imbalances hair growth is influenced by hormones in the body. Accordingly, hormonal changes may weaken the roots and harm the mechanisms of hair growth. These changes usually occur in adolescence, menopause, during a break or the beginning of taking the pill, after taking external hormones, after a miscarriage, after childbirth, and due to thyroid problems.

    Medication and diseases a long list of diseases can cause damage to the hair roots. Some of them include anemia, diabetes, obesity, long high-fever illnesses, surgeries with full anesthesia, heart disease and Infectious Diseases. Make sure the drugs you take do not cause hair loss as a side-effect.



Plastic recycling - Books

Plastic recycling - Books
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