Thyroid Disorder Symptoms Signs to Look Out For

  • Approximately 20 million peopleThyroid Rescue 911 in the USA suffer from thyroid disorders. That's a significant portion of the population! The thyroid controls the metabolism, and as such, is a very important part of the body. So how do you know if you have a Thyroid Disorder? Here is an explanation of some Thyroid Disorder symptoms and signs to look out for.

    There are actually a few symptoms that both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have in common. They can both cause fatigue, muscle weakness, lack of concentration, and irritability. With hypothyroidism this is because the metabolism is too slow and your body is slowing down. With hyperthyroidism this is because of exhaustion from an overactive thyroid. They also can both lead to hair loss, and goiters (enlarged thyroids).

    As you might expect many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are exact opposites. A low metabolism leads to weight gain (and difficulty losing said weight), dry skin, pale skin, cold intolerance (these are the people who put on a sweater while everyone else is in t-shirts), constipation, increased menstrual bleeding, and a decreased libido. In contrast a high metabolism leads to unexplained weight loss, warm and moist skin, heat intolerance, increased bowel movements, light or absent menstrual flow, and an increased libido.

    Hypothyroidism can also lead to coarse, dry hair, muscle cramps and aches, depression, memory loss, brittle nails, high cholesterol, and puffiness around the eyes and face.Hyperthyroidism can lead to a fast heart rate which can cause nervousness, insomnia, breathlessness, trebling hands, and excessive sweating. Patients with Grave's disease, the number one cause for hyperthyroidism, can also have protruding eyeballs, red or swollen eyes, and eye problems including light sensitivity, blurry or double vision, and reduced eye movement.


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