Bamboo Houses

  • I believe you can get federal tax breaks for buildings with energy reductions in them. is { any good? energy tax savers?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I came here looking for information on building houses with bamboo.

    For the last six months I've been assembling a kind of think tank for an aid initiative for East Timor.

    At the moment the group consists of a historian with a background in medieval technology, a political scientist in Spain, a nuclear engineer and myself.

    I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who has experience designing and building a house from bamboo. I'm especially interested as to whether a bamboo house with a strong load bearing flat roof can be constructed quickly and cheaply.

  • Hello Everyone

    I would like to to build a Bamboohouse in Thailand.
    I'm interested for any Information ( adresses)
    over Bambooconstruction in Thailand

  • I have been living in Thailand and China an have actually designed and built a house in thailand make from wood an bamboo. I have a website about the house. I am certainly no expert on bamboo but have learned alot on practical use and preservation of it. the house I built 12 years ago an i have only replaced one pole of bamboo. I have also collected many things of bamboo. and a friend even made a hammock out of bamboo. see the website:


Wood houses - Resources

Wood houses - Resources
Build your wood house while protecting nature and the environment. This is the update of selected resources on environmentally friendly houses made of wood, the major building material that's renewable and sustainable over the long term.