The Most Suitable Forms of Women Self Defense Classes

  • Taking up women self defenseSecret Death Touches classes is no more a choice in the present times but a necessary step for women of all ages across the globe. We need to consciously learn techniques that can ensure our protection and safety at all times of the day, whenever and wherever we are. Learning effective self defense skills is not just about being able to defend yourself but makes you more self-confident and assured about your general well-being so that you can feel free, liberated and secure at all times.

    While the importance of taking up women self defense classes can never be stressed enough, how do you choose one that suits you perfectly? Well here is a compact yet comprehensive guide to the three most effective forms of martial arts that are taught in specialized women's self defense classes:

    Taekwondo is one of the most suitable forms of martial arts when it comes to choosing women's self defense classes. A large number of self defense training schools teach Taekwondo related techniques to women as the main form of self defense and protection. Taekwondo is a non contact martial art having its roots in Korea. While most of the techniques are involved around the controlled and focused delivery of kicks and punches it is ideal for women as it develops strength, speed, flexibility, faster reflexes, improved co-ordination and the ability to protect one from attackers who are bigger and stronger than them. By learning women's self defense classes through Taekwondo one is able to become more alert as well as avoid potentially dangerous situations.

    Aikido is a Japanese based martial art form and is very popular in women's self defense classes. This is because the practice of Aikido does not require intense physical movement or strength. Instead of using personal force to stop an attacker, Aikido is based on the principle of using the very attacker's strength against himself. If you enroll in Aikido based women's self defense classes then you will be taught to use your flexibility, endurance and mental alertness to protect yourself from attacks rather than exerting a lot of brute force. If you are looking for a type of women's self defense classes where the focus is more on defense based tactics rather than strength training for countering attacks then Aikido might just be the right form of martial art for you.


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