Zephrofel designed to give you a raging

  • contains only 1% of the active ingredient occurrence in Montezuma's secrets we've included a 20% a Korean extract which is best-in-class this means you get a much stronger dose in a much smaller capsule look this under dosing the most supplement companies engage in it frustrates me to no end we know that there are natural ingredients out there that put prescriptions to shame but these shady supplement companies are ruining it for everybody there making supplement companies look like the bad guys and causing millions of people to choose dangerous prescriptions instead the truth is natural ingredients are fantastic but you have to buy from a premium source you trust a source like second prime second prime tirelessly tests to ensure their supplements contain only the highest quality clinical dosages which means they just plain work another common question is what if my erections get too powerful for me this only happened once when I took triple the normal dose I had an erection that lasted about two hours which was a bit too long for me if you get an erection over four hours you'll want to contact your doctor although this is very rare this formula was designed to give you control over your erection so you're in the driver's seat and you can use that power when you want it it wasn't designed to give you a raging hard-on all day even at inconvenient times throughout the day if you get an erection that seems too hard or lasts for too long then it's probably a good idea to start taking a smaller dose so I urge you please take this supplement responsibly as directed too much of a good thing can be a problem for example if your sex drive becomes too high you I feel like you can't control yourself as well you need to show restraint if you're only thinking about sex and fantasizing all day it's gonna be hard to get your work done you might find yourself watching too much pornography when your partner isn't around so that would be another sign that maybe it's time to decrease your dose again please take this supplement responsibly next question we get a lot is I had problems being faithful to my partner in the