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    The Concerned Officer

    I Maddur Mallikarjuna Srinath, MPhil in Psychology, currently working as a Counsellor, Consultant and as a Trainer(Training in HIV/AIDS Counselling & Communication skills) in India. I work with several Bangalore based NGO's. I am looking for international experience, hence I would like to volunteer my services in the area of HIV/AIDS care/prevention.

    I request your kindself to provide me more information and help me through. If you need more information, please email me at <>

    Thanking you,

    Yours Sincerely,

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    I'm romanian citizen and I'm lawyer. I work 4 yers to Phare Programs in my country and I colaborated in this activity with Peace Corps . If you intersted to colaborated with me by your programs in Africa please contact me email:

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    I would like to work like a volunteer in Namibia or Bostwana during 2 months next year, principaly January and February. I'm an Agronommy Engeneer, teacher in a National University in Argentina with hight studies in rural development and I can contribute in aspect related with small farmers organization, agroindustries, marketing of small entreprises, economy and administration of small farmers organizations or another question related.

    I will thank any information, contact or adress to write.


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    Name : Sivan Prem Dev Prasad
    Address : 13/5A Abiraminagar,
    [Present and Ganapathy Coimbatore 641 006, Tamilnadu, India
    Phone : 91- 422 - 532318
    Date of Birth : 24.06.1947 Religion: Christian [Protestant]
    Educational Qlfs : M.A [History] Bombay University Second Class 1971
    : B.Ed [History and English] Pune University First Class 1974
    : M.Ed [Ad. Edl Statistics and Vocational Guidance] Bombay University 1976 Second Class
    : Guidance and Counselling [Govt of Maharashtra] 1977
    : Dip in Photography [JJ School of Art and Architecture] Bombay 1983
    : Ph.D. [Registered] Bombay University :-Topic Emotional Disturbance in Adolescents
    Experience : About 30 years
    12 years Teaching in Higher secondary and Junior College
    7 years Condsultant in Education and Counselling and Currently Educational Advisor
    Presently paper setter for Secondary Education Boards of some states
    6 years Deputy Chief Executive of a National Social Welfare Organisation dealing with Special Education, Research, and Rehabilitation of blind, deaf, mentally retarded orthopaedically handicapped leprosy cured, and cancer afflicted
    5 years Public Relations in a Government of India Undertaking

    International exposure: Leader of Third World Countries in some international conferences in Israel and Srilanka [Special Education, Rehabilitation and Research - disabled ]
    Extra curricular
    Activities : Research papers done on :
    1. Institutional Planning in Education [Bombay University]
    2. Social and Economic Rehabilitation of Handicapped in Maharashtra and Gujarat [ Mount Carmel Institute Iarael 1981]
    3. Report on the Eradication of Exploitation of Child labour [National Junior Science congress Gauwahati 1995]
    Experience : Seasoned Administrator [Academic, Personnel Accounts, Stores and Public relations]
    : Educational Administration, activities related to academic improvement
    : Organising national and international conferences, seminars, workshops
    : Leadership camps
    : Experience in relief work - actively involved in Red cross activities [Life Member Red Cross]
    Life Member YMCA
    : Exposed to computers with MS Office, Excel Word star, Internet etc

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    I am An America Registered Nurse presently in Saudia. I will be free to volunteer in any medical capacity or elsewhere starting feb-2000.
    I want to begin in kenya, tanzania, ethiopia. I will later travel to the Sinai,Jordon, Syria, and Turkey. Eventually I will head toward Nepal, Tibet and India. Later Thialand., indonesia. Then south to the south pacific. I have about 1 1/2 years planned for my travels. If you have any information to share, or inquiries, please email at

  • Hi
    I am a Belgian woman, and would like to study traditional medecine doing conservation at the sae time,can anyone help, any country is interesting

    Also anything on animistic beliefs, I am glad to assist


  • Dear Sir, I am Agriculture Graduate and working in well reputed company in India. I have 10 yrs work experience in this field . I would like to voluteer work in Namibia. Please send me details.
    \Thanking You.

  • Dear Sir/Ms
    My name is Amr Mourad, I am a professor of Tropical Medicine, Zagazig
    University, Egypt. I am in the process of organizing a health project aiming at
    providing primary and secondary health services to tribe people living in the
    southeastern desert and mountains of Egypt. Now I am in the process of collecting
    information about similar projects that can help me designin mine. The base of the
    project will be a mobile clinic that will reach tribe people in their habitats. A team of
    medical and paramedical personnel will be working in the project for a duration of at
    least 18 months.
    I greatly appreciate it if you can provide me with information that can help me in
    designing and funding the project.
    Best regards.
    Amr Mourad, MD.

  • I am a homoeopathic Physician with special intersts in treatment of AIDS, INFERTILITY, DIABETES, ASTHAMA, HYPERTENSION AND OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS,. I would also like to volunteer in any programmes sponsered by WHO. Currently i am working as a lecturer and homoeopathic physician in the Homoepathic hospital, Rajkot, INDIA.

  • Hi, am a trained counsellor and sociologist, for the past 5 years i have worked in the field of vulnerable children and women. I believe i can share the vast experience from Uganda. I have had the opportunity to travel, learn and share knowledge with other people outside Uganda. I would like to volunteer in Botswana especially in the field of HIV/AIDS.
    Thank you
    Michael Wanyama

  • Hi /

    I have done my degree in applied Psychology and my post graduation in Social Work.I have the intention of starting a child guidance clinic in mauritius.In this regard I would like any international NGO working with children to take initiative in sponsoring the project.The services of the CGC will be free of cost.This is going to be pioneer project in Mauritius .Hoping to hear from you soon.

  • hai
    ia m gina from india
    i have a masters degree in chemistry
    i would like be involved with africa and its needs in the future

  • Hi i am 21 year old nursery nurse who would really like the opportunity to work with the children of africa I work with special needs children so my time is limited but i do get school holidays off and i really would like to offer my specialist help even if it is only for a couple of weeks

  • To whom it may concern:
    I am an economics major graduating from Jacksonville State University, (Jacksonville, Alabama )in August, 2003.I am from Mozambique but have also lived in Kenya and Ethiopia. I am fluent in English, Portuguese, conversational French, and I have a strong Spanish base. My passion is to help develop African nations in an international organization pertaining to this goal. I am interested in a volunteer opportunity in Africa in order to expand my horizons and gain work experience. Any information or opportunities you can provide would be well appreciated.

  • Support our computer school project in Ghana

    We are currently busy constructing a computer school for the local population of Ghanaian street youths and others who are interested to be part of the digital technology as a gateway of being productive citizens to their country. Hence; we are therefore seeking your help to support us to achieve our goal of setting up this project as well including other income generating sustainable projects that would raise especially the living standard of the local women in Africa. For further information. goto our website: or email me directly at for any other support. Your cooperation and assistance would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  • Hi,
    I am DR Karthik.s, a Homoeopathic physician. I am intrested in serving the needy people. Homoeopathy is a branch of medicine which can treat people with least funds. The cure is permanent.Although homoeopathy has its own limitations, it can help the poor and the needy people. I am convinced of this fact and i will be able to prove it when and where required. I will be very greatful to serve the poeple, if any one provides me with an opportunity. Awaiting a positive response. Thanking you in anticipation.
    yours obediently,
    Dr karthik.s

  • Hi
    Iam a 26 year old lady working as an extension worker in the south wetern part of Uganda. I have a Bachelor of science degree in Agriculture and two years expireence in the field of extension. I love the kind of work iam doing; working with rural poor and expiriencing their plight and also helping them improve their welfare.I would like to volunteer to work in a simmilar setting in Bostwana since it will give me good exposure.
    My adress is C/O P.O.BOX 4809, KAMPALA UGANDA
    Thank you.
    thank you

  • Hi

    My name is Eunice Chebet, I am 23 years. I finished my studies in computing ICT and Secretarial. I am working with an NGO for Women Lawyers in Kenya as a secretary. I have the intention of starting a Child Promotion Fund Programme in Kenya. Teaching street children. Children are a gift from God. I don't feel good seeing them suffering in the streets. I am very good with children and I would like to help them in all ways I possibly can. In this regard for the volunteers and maintain smooth running operation of the office, I am inviting Organizaaations and any NGO working with children or individual persons who are willing to sponsor, fund and provide information in the project. CPFP will be free of cost. It is going to be a leading project for children in Kenya. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  • Everybody interested in doing voluntary work in Uganda should look at . I am starting a small scale project in Uganda to provide a fantastic local organization to achieve its goals, and we are in great need of some people that can help.

  • Rose e-mail me at Trying to e-mail u at hotmail and it will not take. I am Kevin, u met me droping off Alberto. Take care and God Bless, hope to here from you soon. Kevin👋

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am very glad to contact you at this moment of time. I hope and believe that all is well by God’s abundance of grace upon us all.
    Sir/Madam, I am a young man and now in a state which I need a hand to draw me from my now state to certainty.
    I have been able to study the local version (Ghanaian version) of the IMIS (institute for the management of information systems) but was not able to take the external (UK) version exams to obtain my certificate because of financial constraints and poverty.
    In all I have been trying to help my self in numerous and small ways to sustain myself in life by not becoming a burden.
    My mail today to you is to ask of your help, to continue schooling by giving me a scholarship or grant, for it my desire to study either Computer Science / Business Management.
    Also I am now doing part-time work in an internet café and I am asking here if possible also you could help me by sending me a couple of use computers which I can establish an Internet Café (internet browsing center) support myself here instead of traveling to your country.
    Sir/Madam, it my need and in great distress now and only your little help and support can save me now from this situation of uncertainty.
    Hoping to hear from you in good faith and God bless you for answering my call.

    Yours truly,
    Fregeorge Yaw Bannerman

    My Contact:
    P.O. Box 11458
    Tema – Ghana
    Email: /
    Fax: 00233-22-300392

  • Hello Everyone! I am from a large group of people from around the world who sponsor school children in Uganda for $20 a YEAR,school fee. This has been the most rewarding sponsorship i have ever been involved in. We work closely with the school and we can ask them questions and find out the real needs of our sponsored child. We recieve a photo from our child and letters. You can write your child,send gifts and visit them anytime you would like. We have a person from our group going there in May or June,she would be happy if anyone would like to go with her ☺ . I love the group i am part of,you are very involved in projects and helping think of ideas that we can better the life of these children...we put our words to action. We also have a Poultry Project that we are trying to accomplish for these children. Many of the children are Orphans,are hungry and alone. Most of them don't even own a pair of shoes! Most of them use a pit in the ground for a toliet! Won't you please contact me to help us better a childs life? The children will be happy to hear there is a new sponsor!


  • I do not know if this is the appropriate board for this message. People in US have voted Bush because they feel more secure with him. In Gabon, like in most of the part of Africa the government is on duty only for its members, not the country. Our worst enemy down here is the government while in other part the ruling body is a shield.
    Does somebody know that last friday, 2 people have been killed, and other badly injured by the bullets of their own army in Gabon? The victims were among the crowd of the natives of a region where Shell and Panafrican (which has already got more than 3,000 barrels/day in the area)are starting up the development of a new oil field. The cantecarous group was claiming for a tiny share in the expected revenue of the more than 50m deep oil stream which flows under their feet.
    There is a black out about the topic in all the media around the world. Why? Please transmit this information the more that you can. Thank you.

  • I'm a high schoollever from Nigeria,19 years of age.All my child hood dreams were becoming a medical doctor because I love to help people but that dreams seems to dying since my dad is late and i can't pay my fees.

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  • To Whom it may concern:
    My name is Leanna and I am currently living in Michigan, USA. I am 19 years old and currently attending college. I am aware of the Aids crisis that is going on in Africa and would love to put my energy to good use by helping educate and assist the people in Africa about the Aids Epidemic. No words could express the passion that i have for wanting to do this and i would be very appreciative if you would allow me the oppurtunity to be able to help the needy.
    please contace me and let me know if there is anyway possible for me to do this.
    thank you,
    Leanna S.

  • Praise God the Almighty Lord.
    Am an african from a small country called Uganda. Am a God fearing person and i love all people regardles of what they are or not. Am looking forward to getting in touch with very good samaritan volunteesr who are honetly willing to help the Orphans here in Uganda. There is an Orphanage Home called Glory Orphanage Home which is located in Uganda.Glory Orphanage Home is a non profitable charity organisation looking forward to helping the Needy,Homeless,Parentless and good children who lost their dearest parents. Honetly we are calling upon volunteers to help us with Clothes,Shoes,Food,Money and others. For details, contact Glory Orphanage Home via the address below.

    Eryck Paul Mayanja
    Glory Orphanage Home
    P.O BOX 218,Nateete
    Kampala (Uganda)
    East Africa
    Tel:- +25675399999
    Fax:- +25641345227

  • Be Amerifoot Rep!! Free Scholarship!! [edit] [delete]
    This entry is about: United States

    Be Amerifoot Rep!!
    This entry is about: Antigua & Barbuda

    Invitation To Youth For Amerifoot Educational/Training Fund/Scholarship Rep [edit] [delete]
    This entry is about: United States

    Amerifoot Inc. Is inviting youths from each country to apply for their local country Amerifoot Representative for the sole purpose of oganizing other youths to apply for a free 3 year scholarship/fund from our sister organizations.
    As the Amerifoot Rep, you will be responsible for initial underwriting process to find youths that have the minimum qualifications for the fund. You will also deny those that have no qualifications to avoid a massive rejection rate on our end. As a Rep, you will be awarded the necessary opportunity to qualify for the fund(s) unconditionally.
    To avoid huge rejection rate from our office, we will trust and work together with the reps all across the globe to make the process faster for 2008 fund(s).
    for more information email our regional Rep at:

    Remember also to state your full names, age and country you want to represent. Harry before your country is taken by someone else.
    Country representation is on first come first serve basis.

  • Dear Readers of The People Action Forum:

    Please kindly access the link to another thread within The People Action Message Board:

    Many, Many lives will be called to eternal life in The Continent of Africa.

    God Bless The Continent of Africa. In The Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit Amen!

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