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    We am starting a homoeopathic mobile clinic and child and travel health centre. We alreday have a beautiful building in the heart of Cape Town which will be the centre and a Landrover Forward Control (an x-military ambulance) that will be the mobile clinic. The main focus of the project is to promote non-toxic treatment of diseases requiring immunisation for both humans and animals (particularly wildlife. There is an epidemic in Southern Africa of Malaria, TB and HIV. I have travelled throughout Africa by motorcycle, treating tropical diseases successfully with only non-toxic therapies and my daughter Ndyana (who has not been immunised) has been travelling through Sub-Saharan Africa since she was 4 weeks old. We did not sterilize the water nor was she given conventional malaria prophylactics. We require volunteers to manage the IT side of the project and others with fundraising experience to manage the fundraising side of things. I have been funding the project so far in acquiring the abovementioned, but we will need funds for the running of the project. I founded and financed a free homoeopathic clinic in Cape Town which ran successfully for 4 yours employing 4 homoeopaths. I have also founded a Montessori Pre-school. I have had work published and have been in various radio and television interviews. If you are interested in joining this unique project, please email your cv to, or fax to (+27)(-21)7623710, tel (+27)(-21)7623791 and postal address Dr Francesca Swainston, P.O. Box 1971, Cape Town, 8000.Africa needs you!

  • volunteers needed in South Africa

    Great to hear you're looking for voluntary work. I am starting a homoeopathic mobile clinic. A vehicle (Landrover Forward Control) and centre (building in beautiful central Cape Town which can accommodate volunteers)have already been acquired. If you are interested and would like more info, please email me Francesca at or, alternatively tel:+27-21-7633791, fax:+27-21-7623710. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • i would LOVE to help!!

    Dear Dr. Francesca Swainston,
    I am a 22 year old undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in art, along with an emphasis in French (I also speak Dutch because my family is from holland). i currently am working at a small health food store and am constantly learning about the homeopathic remedies that nature has to offer!!! I will be graduating in about a year or less and hope to find anorganization which needs volunteers (preferaably in a third world country where help is most needed...) Most organizations I have found only want highly qualified professionals and unfortunately I do not have much to offer in that aspect; but I do have the desire to help those in need. I would love to work under or assist someone who is making progress of some sort in an underpriveleged place. I think it is great what you have started in Africa and would like to offer my assistance at the start of 2001! I have worked with children all my life and am currently self-educating myself about the medicinal uses of plants. Please e-mail me and let me know if their are any positions which will become available in the next year!
    thank you!
    caroline duyster

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    Experience: Selling and Promoting.
    Working with Youths organizing group activities, games,
    setting up equipment, jeep safari's, and entertaining
    children and youths through animation.
    Volunteering with children with special needs.
    Worked with children ages ranging from 2 - 12 yrs.
    Babysitting for about 4 - 5 yrs.

    HI my name is Marie and I am 27yrs old and would like to do voluntary work in South Africa for aproximately six months. I am very dedicated, not afraid of hard work, patient, understanding, fast learner, and have alot of love for children in my heart. If I could be of any help to you in any field please get in touch with me as soon as possible. If I cannot help you in any way, please give me contact addresses of other organizations where I could be of some assistance. If possible a Christian organization. Thank - you for your help. Hope to hear from you very soon.

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    I am intersted in receiving more information. I live in London but am actually a South African citizen as well. I am a trained sports therapist although I am only doing this part time at present. I will be in SA for 3 weeks from next week but would like to hear more about this mobile.
    Hope all is well.

  • I,Jessica, am currently a resident in New Orleans, Louisiana. I will be in Cape Town in the fall of 2001 for 4-6 weeks. My husband will be doing a general medicine rotation in one of the local hospitals. I am interested in doing volunteer work in the areas dealing with wildlife, animal care and diseases. I am 24 years old, have a bachlors of science degree in chemistry and have recently applied to veterinary school. From the combination of my schooling and vet tech experience, I am very knowledgable in the fields of immunology, genetics, anatomy, animal handling and basic medical skills. Please send me any information you have on volunteer work possibilities. Thank you very much for your time.

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    Please send me some more information. I'm a in my second year at college, studying international development issues, and this summer we're going on a study-trip to Port Elizabeth. However this will only be in the last weeks of August, and I am still looking for something to do during the first half of August and the month July ! I don't have any medical skills, but I'm a willing worker and I hope you could tell me more about what it is you're expecting from volunteers.

    Rosa Wilhelm, the Netherlands

  • I live in Nigeria, am a computer Professional and interested in volunteer work in South Africa.
    I am interested in volunteering in SA. I want to volunteer for field projects, office automation, development instructions, project planning, internet deveoplment, data coordination, software training.
    I look forward to an invitation to come to volunteer in SA

  • I live in Nigeria, am a computer Professional and interested in volunteer work in South Africa.
    I am interested in volunteering in SA. I want to volunteer for office automation,project planning data coordination,
    I am interested in medical volunteer as i want to become a medical doctor.
    I look forward to an invitation to come to volunteer in SA

  • Dear Francesca,

    How are you? My name is Juliette Ryan and I am moving to South Africa with my partner - to Witbank, near Middleburg, next month.

    I am excited about your work offer. I am an experienced Naturopath in Australia. I have practiced Herbal Medicine, Flower essences and Iris Analysis in clinics throughout South East Queensland, and Northern NSW. I am now practicing and lecturing Herbal Medicine, Energy Practice, Iris Analysis and Detoxification at two detoxification centres.

    I have limited experience with Homeopathy, except that I have used it in conjunction with Acupuncture. I also am a rebirther with a few other skills I would be happy to practice in South Africa.

    I am specifically interested in working with AIDS and other epidemics.

    Yours sincerely

    Juliette Ryan

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    Please send me some more information. I'm a in my first year at the university of the witwatersrand, doing BA social sciences, and this summer we're going on a vacation for two full months. I am still looking for something to do during the hollidays. I don't have any medical skills, but I'm a willing worker and I hope you could tell me more about what it is you're expecting from volunteers.

    mpho motloung

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    I am planning to be in south africa february 2002 for five weeks. i am a registered nurse and would like to vlounteer my services. i will have registered with the nursing council and am happy to provide my CV when needed. education RN BS and MPH

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    I was born in Johannesburg and immigrated to Australia when I was 21. I would like to spend some time in SA, while doing some volunteer work. I am a qualified homoeopath. I also have an IT background, having worked in this industry for over 12 years. My partner runs a respite care centre for teenagers with disabilities. Please contact us by email or telephone. Sydney 02 9968 4218.

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    I am karthik.s.deeponkar, a final year Homoeopathic medical student from India.I am Willing to volunteer for the field projects relating to Homoeopathic medical treatment.I would be happy, to do all types of volunteering work, including prescribing medicines to the poor people.I am also intrested in working with people suffering epidemics, like the AIDS and other diseases.I am looking forward to an invitation to come to SOUTH AFRICA as a volunteer.Awaiting a positive response from you.Thanking you in anticipation for providing me an opportunity to express my opinions.You can contact me in my e-mail

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    Hello. I am wondering if I could be of any assistance to you or you of I. I have my sciences degree, as well in two years, will have obtained a four and a half full-time, Homoeopathic doctor degree. My utmost, highest goal,dreams and aspirations,is to practise in Africa,where Homoeopathy can prove sufficient. How Do I go about this? Is there a board that will sponsor me? Can you please advise me on this and if so, could you please email me some contacts of organizations.I am from Canada. email address is Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Hi There,
    My name is Jennifer Lark. I am a 4th year nursing student volunteering my services for 6 weeks in October. Please send me some info.

  • Hello, my name is Natalie and I live in the United States. I will love to volunteer in South Africa helping orphan kids due to the HIV. This is been my dream since I'm a little girl and I think my time to help has arrive. Since I'm only 18 I don't have a degree. But I'm willing to help disavantage and disease kids. Please contact me on my email.Natalie.

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    I am considering to volunteer in Africa, however, I would like more information on what you have to offer and conditions. I am an RN, Natural therapist, Masagte Therapist - sports, remedial, little bit of Shiatzu, Swedish. I am working in the nursing home and am also practicing natural therapies with medical 'rejects' for some times via juice fasting, clay therapies, herbs, hydrotherapies, etc.

    So, if you would please send me some info about what is involved in Africa please send me some.

    Thank you kindly,

    Igor Romcevic
    PO Box 1171

  • Hi I am interested in doing about 8 weeks voluntary work in South Africa working in a wildlife sanctuary. I have extensive experience in captive wildlife including large and small carnivores, also the handrearing and Veterinary nursing of native and exotic birds and mammals. I would be happy to forward on any further detailed information. Please advise on any potential position and conditions,

  • LUANDA, Aug. 17 -- South African President Jacob Zuma will pay his first state visit to Angola on Wednesday, the Department of International Relations said on Monday.

    The visit takes place within the context of efforts aimed at consolidating strategic bilateral and economic relations between the two countries, the department said.  
    While in Luanda, Zuma will hold bilateral, political and economic discussions with his Angolan counterpart Eduardo dos Santos.  
    On the regional front, the forthcoming SADC (Southern African Development Community) Summit in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the political situation in the region will be discussed as well as working for peace and stability in the continent.  
    Zuma will be accompanied by Minister of International Relations Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Minister of Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale and Minister of Public Enterprises Barbara Hogan.  
    A group of business people led by JFPI Corporation Chairman, M’zée Fula Ngenge will also join Zuma, the department said.  
    The department said agreements aimed at strengthening existing diplomatic ties will be signed during Zuma's visit to Angola.