THE ST MICHAEL STEINER SCHOOL was founded in 2001 by teachers who have many years experience of living and working in London. Our guiding vision was, and remains, a modern, urban Steiner school that addresses the needs of children who are growing up in this city. We want our children to feel part of the community, not that they are living in a sheltered oasis. The cosmopolitan nature of life in London brings the children into daily contact with people from many different backgrounds, so that the need for interest in and understanding for others is not just taught but experienced. By nurturing in the children a deep respect for all human beings and an enthusiastic and active interest in the world, we aim to help them orientate themselves towards whatever comes to meet them in life, while they are growing and when they are adults. The school is fast outgrowing its current shared premises with another school with about 90 children aged between 3 and 13. To keep the school accessible to as many members of the community their fees are kept low just to cover day to day expenditures. Funds for capital expenditure are required in the immediate future for a new premises to accommodate the school's expansion. We've had all the donations in now for the whole school and the total raised was just short of £5,000. Please, help the children out with a donation through Paypal at the address On a day when the whole sporting world descended upon Centre Court at Aorangi Park SW19 to witness history being made, a few short miles away the children and parents of St Michael Steiner School were busy pacing themselves around the pen ponds of Richmond Park. Whilst we missed the aces, volleys and passing shots, we felt a great sense of achievement as we took our first steps towards our goal. Our childhoods heavily influence our adult lives and the greatest gift we can give to them is a wholesome education. Thank you all so much for your generosity.