Hello to all! I thought you might be interested in my new work which is being performed at the Glee Club Studio, the Arcadian, Birmingham (UK) this coming Wednesday 11th November, 8pm start. I hope anyone interested (and living near Bham) will come along to support the concert... "Last Words of Victor Jara" A series of interlinked compositions dedicated to the message of Victor Jara’s life. These compositions frame improvisations around the lyrics from some of Victor’s songs. Victor Jara was a Chilean singer-songwriter, a leading figure in the New Chilean Song movement. He used his music and his public persona to fight for the cause of freedom in his country from the forces of fascism. In September 1973 those fascist forces, backed by the US government, took control of the country, torturing and killing many thousands of people in the process. One of them was Victor Jara. Steve Tromans - Piano Aaron Diaz - Trumpet Chris Mapp - Bass Miles Levin - Drums www.steve-tromans.co.uk www.myspace.com/stevetromansmusic