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About this Message Board

The People in Action Message Board is a point of meeting and free communication, for exchange of information, opinions, ideas, cooperation, contacts, links, news, etc.

This message board is open to all those interested in the subjects indexed on the People in Action for a Better World web guide. That is to say, mainly:

Ecology, Solidarity, Human Rights, Peace, NGOs, Volunteering, Developing Countries, Communities, Natural Health, Spirituality, Education, Sustainable Development, Organic Farming, Alternative Technology, etc., and also social, scientific, artistic and cultural themes.

Off-topic posts may be moved to another page or deleted. Repeated posts may be deleted.

To write a new message, please search (by message or subject) for a page on the suitable topic to include your message. At the end of the main page of each topic on the board, there is the form to add messages.

There are formatting options to create links, etc. On the other hand, if formatting is not used, web URLs (http://... or www...) and e-mail addresses (...@...) are converted automatically into links. For example, becomes (active link).

To reply by email (to a visitor, with your mail configured to get clicks from the browser) or by form (to a collaborator), you may click on the name.

Email addresses of unregistered visitors are linked from their messages but protected on this board by a code that prevents quite well their harvesting by spambots. Naturally, a well-known possibility is to use an additional free email account (for example at Yahoo! Mail) when posting messages on Internet forums.

To keep your email address confidential, you can register for a free account as a collaborator of the message board. In this way, your email address will be shown only in private messages sent by you, to facilitate replies by email, and not in any other case. Collaborators' email addresses will not be disclosed without their express permission.

As well, if they wish, collaborators can receive notifications by email, for example when new messages or replies are posted on pages where they have messages.

Collaborators can edit their messages during one hour after publishing. For example, to correct possible mistakes, etc.

If you wish to post an email to the People in Action web guide, there is a form in About.

You can look up more message boards on the Internet from the Forums section of the web guide.

Be nice. Before writing, please read other people's messages on your topic.

Please follow the netiquette guidelines (RFC 1855). For example, use mixed case: on the Internet, typing in all upper case letters is equal to shouting. Thank you very much.


All times are GMT/UTC (Universal Time), except for old messages until February of 2000. (These come from the old boards, with dates but without hours; 12:00 in Central European Time was assigned, that is to say 10:00 or 11:00 GMT).

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