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jim kerk
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Registered: Nov 2008
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Nov 09, 2008 - 06:58   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
I have been travelling for over 20 years on the road.
I now come to the conclusion thas is better to not travel in Asia,and in other country that there is no equality, no culture of education , here we are just an easy targett, we are Falangs.
In those country like Laos, Vietnam, Burma, there is no much freedom, there are no human rights .
My experiance has a lot to tell you; like is not allowed for a turist to be an overnight guest in a Vietnamese family or with friend , their excuse is that is not safe for us torist to mix with the local familys , what a ball shit ! well in fact, what they do mean is that: you must sleep in the hotel and pay money to us ! the visa system sucks too !is only valid from the day of issue .Incredible .!is the only country that operate in such a way.

In Burma, Myanmar , there are some nice people, sad that the price of food dooble in front of your eyes as soon they see you coming . the transport treble in price, we must pay 3 times more than the Buarmese people ! Why our governement dont apply the same law to this people when they come into our Country ! why me must be stiupid ! Lets charge them 2, 3, 4 time more and see how well they will like it !

Now we go in to Laos : a warning to you all, you are not allowed to sleep with any Lao ladys ,even if she is your girfriend and you have an official engagement paper .You will be put in prison and ,if you are lucky you will negotiate a fine of 10thousend usd to the police.

Corruption, here is a way of life, money is the name of the game , if you dont have , you are a deep fried Falang.

Only after you are married you can stay in her house or sleep toghether, but of couse if you are a Lao citizen you can sleep with her as soon or before you are engaged .

there are many brothels there but :not for the turist you can be put to prison

But on the other hand , if you are a lady, coming from Europe or elsewhere you can sleep with any Lao man . What about justice !!

here dont exist, You are in Asia, if you go to your Embassy for some help; the will laugh at you, giving you a sarcatic smile , reffering you to the local lawyer for you to spend money . Is only a very nice cousy jobs for them, at the expence of your and my country !

And if you are thinking of marrying one of those nice ladys from Laos, is better that yuo forgett it ! Is a such deliberated slowly process requiring 15 documents and over 1 year of burocratic process, and ,at a cost of 2 thousend dollar to be distributed among those many CHAIRS WARMERS officers , buy the time that pass by, they really hope that you do not get marry any more .

Now a bit of Thailand : As a falang we must to pay 2, 3 times more of any attracion that this beautiful country offer .a visit to the zoo cost as 3 time more then the local people.
I do hope that our coutry will do the same for them when they come in our country . We are not a suckers .

I do hope that traveller will stop to travel into this countrys that there is no justice, no equal right,until they do change the way they operate.
And is up to us to make the change.if we all stayed in our coutry, we would be better off. ! our currency will be in our country . And if someone is ripping you off, is one of your conational citizen, and part of your and my country ! and to be proud of .

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