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Registered: Nov 2004
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Nov 25, 2004 - 10:35   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
Dear Mr Moutsaki,

If this does arrive to you, which I sincerely hope it does, I hope you read English as mon français écrit est horrible!!

My father recently died very unexpectedly, a man of huge calibre, love for life, joy de vivre and appreciated by all those who crossed paths with him during this adventure we call life. He taught me soo much and soo much of who I am, I owe to him – also my appreciation for music, I was very much steered by the music listened to when I was a child. A few very specific songs in particular spring to mind which I have been brought up on and since continued valuing very highly – the music, the lyrics and the emotions evoked listening to them. Some of these are yours, I cannot count the number of time we have sat out on our terrace with a glass of wine in the evenings listened to the favourite of your songs, “La Meteque”, “ma solitude” and most importantly, “Le Temps de vivre”. These songs were in fact so much a part of my father and the things I associate with him that we played “La Meteque” and the “Temps de vivre” at his funeral (fitting words in view of the funeral, or “celebration Bernd’s life” as we called it, was held in May) – I know he would have been pleased. We felt, his favourite of your songs “Ma solitude” might not be appropriate – I am sure you can see why! Although these had always been part of a selection of music very close to my heart, they have taken up even more significance.

Although I am no longer able to do enjoy these very special moments that I shared with my father, in the company of your music, I and my mother are so very pleased that you shall be playing in Brussels next year and have booked our tickets. The date being all the more significant for me, as the 25 March 2004 was the last time I saw my father – it is strange the way some things “work out” in life.

I guess maybe, I wanted to say thank you for having contributed in some way to some of the most special memories I have of my father. It seems somehow rude not to thank you and in some way show appreciation for something very very special that someone gives you. My mother and I are both very much looking forward to seeing you in March and know that my father will be looking down and enjoying it too from where ever he is perched right now.

Thank you again and may the wind always be in your sails,

Most sincerely yours,



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