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Various Subjects


The links with are the examples given on the Guide.

Gandhi: Online Books. web.mahatma.org.in/books/books.htm

Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths (Mark Shepard). www.markshep.com/nonviolence/Myths.html

Gandhi Through a Child's Eyes: Growing Up With Gandhi (Narayan Desai). www.markshep.com/nonviolence/Narayan.html

[Gandhi Today] Gandhi Today - The Story of Mahatma Gandhi's Successors (Mark Shepard). www.markshep.com/nonviolence/books.html#GT & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/#articles
Online book (full text at first link).

Mahatma Gandhi: What Is Satyagraha? www.markshep.com/nonviolence/Satyagraha.html & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/index.html#Satyagraha

GeroWeb - Virtual Library on Aging. www.iog.wayne.edu/GeroWeb
Old people.

Global Progress / Progreso Global. www.globalprogress.org
In several languages.

The Good News Page. www.goodword.com/goodnews

Greenway - The New Economy Forum (Spain). www.pangea.org/grw
Green and ethical economics.

Handbook for a Better Future, a personal view. www.mit.edu:8001/people/howes/environ.html

The Hartley Film Foundation - Your Gateway to Other Worlds. www.fcinet.com/hartleyfilms
Videos on spirituality, healing, new age communities, etc.

Himalayas - Where Earth Meets Sky. library.advanced.org/10131

Hug the Trees! (by Mark Shepard). www.markshep.com/nonviolence/GT_Chipko.html & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/index.html#GT_Chipko & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/books.html#GT
The story of India's Chipko Movement, protecting forests and human rights in the Himalayas.

iComm: An Internet Community Program Helping Non-Profit Organizations. www.icomm.ca

Ideas on Teams and Teamwork. www.oise.on.ca/~bwillard/ideateam.htm

IGC: Women (Internet-Resources Collection). www.igc.org/igc/issues/women

Indian Chief Seattle's Thoughts. www.synaptic.bc.ca/ejournal/seattle2.htm & magna.com.au/~prfbrown/thchief2.html & www.synaptic.bc.ca/ejournal/wslibrry.htm & www.geocities.com/Athens/2344/chiefs3.htm & www.letsdeviant.com/SeattleLetter.html & www.cybermind.org.hk/archive/cybermind.0696/0192.html & www.benjerry.com/thanksgiving/#links

Indian Chief Seattle's Thoughts (first version). www.benjerry.com/thanksgiving/seattle-1.html & www.geocities.com/Athens/2344/chiefs4.htm & www.halcyon.com/arborhts/chiefsea.html & ccn.cs.dal.ca/~ab006/gff/seattle.html & www.suquamish.nsn.us/chief.html

Indian Chief Seattle's Thoughts (literary version). magna.com.au/~prfbrown/thechief.html & www.synaptic.bc.ca/ejournal/seattle.htm & www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/2063/Natives.html & wwwstud.uni-giessen.de/~s1925/seattle.htm & www.benjerry.com/library/thanks/seattle-washington.html

Information Please. www.infoplease.com

International Standard Date and Time Notation. www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/iso-time.html

International Standard Paper Sizes. www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/iso-paper.html

Internet Job Center: Job Resources. www.centraldrive.com/jobs/jres.htm

The Internet Movie Database. www.imdb.com
Films. Large database.

iTools! - Internet Tools. www.iTools.com & www.iTools.com/research-it & www.iTools.com/find-it

Japanese Hippiedom. village.infoweb.or.jp/~fxba0053
Japan hippies.

Tony Judge. www.ceptualinstitute.com/genre/judge/homepageAJ.htm & www.scu.edu.au/lists/futures-l/1031.html

Just The News. Listen.To/TheNews

Justicia y Paz - Spain. www.nodo50.org/juspax

[Petra Kelly] Petra Kelly. www.macronet.org/women/petra.html & www.petra-kelly-archiv.de & www.baker.hs.org/66/kelly-petra.html & www2.hawaii.edu/uhip/kelly.html
Ecology, peace, human rights, foundation of the green movement, etc. Dalai Lama: "Petra Kelly was a committed and dedicated person with compassionate concern for the oppressed, the weak and the persecuted in our time. Her spirit and legacy of human solidarity and concern continue to inspire and encourage us all."

Petra Kelly (Biography.com). www.biography.com/find/bioengine.cgi?cmd=1&rec=11162

Petra Kelly (Mother Jones Magazine). www.mojones.com/mother_jones/JF93/hertsgaard.html

Petra Kelly (Glenn Paige). www2.hawaii.edu/uhip/intro.txt & www.soc.hawaii.edu/future/listOct_MAY/0109.html & www2.hawaii.edu/uhip/book_review_galtung.html
At first link, introduction from Petra Kelly's book "Nonviolence Speaks to Power".

Petra Kelly: Biography ("The Life and Death of Petra Kelly", by Sara Parkin). www.soc.hawaii.edu/~future/listN_F/0251.html & outside.starwave.com/magazine/0495/4r_books.html
About the book. (London: Pandora, Harper Collins Publishers, 1994).

Petra Kelly: Books ("Thinking Green!", "Fighting for Hope", "Nonviolence Speaks to Power", etc.). www.parallax.org/scripts/parallax/index.pl?funct=author&query=Kelly,+Petra+K.&id= & www.envirolink.org/greens/usa/petrakel.txt & users.ap.net/~creabooks/community.html & forests.org/ric/good_wood/alt_dy/bks_deep.htm & www.jhu.edu/~aicgsdoc/daad/1993030

Petra Kelly: Links. www.dfg-vk.de/english/book35.htm

[Nonviolence Speaks to Power] Petra Kelly: "Nonviolence Speaks to Power". www2.hawaii.edu/uhip/kellybook.html & www2.hawaii.edu/uhip/nameind.txt
Online book (full text).

Petra Kelly: "Peacemakers - Create a Difference". newton.library.american.edu/collects/media/women.html
About the video.

Petra Kelly: Tibet. www2.hawaii.edu/uhip/tibet.txt & users.patra.hol.gr/~cgian/TibetResources.html#tibbooks & www.earthlight.co.nz/hhdl/hhdlbiography.html#tributes & www.tibeticlt.org/materials/germany/germany1.html & www.bremen.de/info/tibet/Merkur1.html
At first link, chapter from Petra Kelly's book "Nonviolence Speaks to Power".

[Was kann ich für den Frieden tun?] Petra Kelly: "Was kann ich für den Frieden tun?" ("What can I do for Peace?"). www.mannheim.de/wissenswertes/petra_kelly.html
Little story. (In German; translations: AltaVista).

About Petra Kelly and other subjects (in English). mannet.mcb.net/cnd/cnd_ref.htm & www.alliance.org.nz/bios/jeanspch.htm & home.sprynet.com/sprynet/azgp & emporium.turnpike.net/P/ProRev/transfrm.htm & www.metamaze.com/aBYss/s9m3.html & www.west.net/~beck/WP30-Anti-Nuclear.html & www.smh.com.au/daily/content/features/employment/980207/employment2.html
Some of the many pages with mentions on Petra Kelly.

Petra Kelly and other writers: Books on Ecofeminism. www.newsociety.com/htw.html & www.indiana.edu/~iupress/spring97/warren.html & www.wordtrade.com/WT2/feminism.htm & www-rohan.sdsu.edu/faculty/huckle/ecofeminism.html

Petra Kelly and other writers: "The Green Reader - Essays Toward a Sustainable Society". www.lib.uidaho.edu:70/docs/egj05/broede01.html & www.fccb.org/facilities/envirobooks.html & wsrv.clas.virginia.edu/~djp2n/biblios/ecocomp.html & www.netural.com/lip/taylor1.html & www.empowermentresources.com/books/page4.html#The Green Reader

The Petra Kelly Project. www.users.interport.net/~danmk/pagep1.html & www.users.interport.net/~danmk/sponsor.html

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Links. www.yahoo.com/Arts/Humanities/History/U_S__History/20th_Century/King__Martin_Luther_Jr___1929_1968_ & www5.zdnet.com/yil/content/mag/9702/black9702d.html

Martin Luther King, Jr.: News. headlines.yahoo.com/Full_Coverage/US/Martin_Luther_King__Jr_

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. www.thekingcenter.com

[The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project] The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project (Stanford University). www-leland.stanford.edu/group/King

Fred Kunzle's Home Page. www.geocities.com/RainForest/4735
Solidarity microcredit, developing countries, ecology, Web Networks (APC), etc.

[Lanza del Vasto] Lanza del Vasto. www.markshep.com/nonviolence/Ark.html & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/#Ark & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/books.html#Ark & perso.wanadoo.fr/yann.forget/Nonviolence/Arche.html#G & noe.clio.it/cittasvitonorm/dino/lanza.htm & www.peacelink.it/faq/pace/lanza.html & www.sequel.net/peace/pi-inet4.htm#MakingYour
Christian disciple of Gandhi, and founder in the forties of The Ark (Communautés de l'Arche, country and spiritual communities, in France, etc.). Gandhi gave him a new name: Shantidas, "Servant of Peace". At third link, full text of a little book: "The Community of the Ark", by Mark Shepard.

Lanza del Vasto: "Science et Non-Violence". perso.wanadoo.fr/yann.forget/Science_NV
In French.

Latin America on the Net (América Latina en la Red). www.latinworld.com/internet

Learn2.com - The ability utility. www.learn2.com & www.learn2.com/browse/browset.html & www.learn2.com/lets/lets.html

Linkages - A Multimedia Resource for Environment & Development Policy Makers. www.iisd.ca/linkages

Literary Kicks: Beat Places. www.charm.net/~brooklyn/Places

Literary Kicks: Beat Places - Berkeley. www.charm.net/~brooklyn/Places/Berkeley.html

Literary Kicks: Beat Places - Big Sur. www.charm.net/~brooklyn/Places/BigSurPlace.html

Literary Kicks: Beat Places - Greenwich Village. www.charm.net/~brooklyn/Places/GreenwichVillage.html

Literary Kicks: Beat Places - The Naropa Institute. www.charm.net/~brooklyn/Places/Naropa.html

Literary Kicks: Beat Places - San Francisco. www.charm.net/~brooklyn/Places/SanFrancisco.html

Ludveto. www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/1091 & www.arrakis.es/~pmacvalverde
Free translation for international pages, from English or Spanish into the international language Esperanto.

[Mafalda] Mafalda. www.arrakis.es/~edufm & ng.netgate.net/~alvaro/mafalda/mafalda_es.htm & www.mafalda.indiana.edu/Mafalda & lenti.med.umn.edu/~ernesto/Quino/Quino.html & www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/5495 & www.arrakis.es/~edufm/tiras.htm & www.startel.com.ar/gardel/mafalda.html
Celebrated nonconformist comic by Quino (Argentina). (In Spanish and English).

Mafalda (in English). ng.netgate.net/~alvaro/mafalda/gallery3.htm & ng.netgate.net/~alvaro/mafalda & www.tezcat.com/~markrose/bobmay96.html#2 & www.comicbook.com/comics/cdb/mafalda.html & www.iconet.com.br/~elizalde/mafalda.html & www.zonalatina.com/Zldata35.htm
At first link, original and translation of the animated image.

Mafalda: Links. ng.netgate.net/~alvaro/mafalda/mafalda_es.htm#links & www.mafalda.indiana.edu/Mafalda/links.html & www.yahoo.com/Entertainment/Comics_and_Animation/Comic_Strips/Titles/Mafalda

Mapblast. www.mapblast.com

Le Marsu (France). perso.wanadoo.fr/yann.forget
India, Gandhi, non-violence, Lanza del Vasto, The Ark community, etc.

The Millennium Gathering - A Celebration of Peace, Life and Unity on Earth. www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000
With sections in several languages, and links.

Millennium Institute. www.igc.apc.org/millennium

The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog. https://www.well.net/mwec

MindBodySpirit. www.pix.za/mbs

The Mining Company: Active Travel. activetravel.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Berkeley, California. berkeley.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Berkeley, California - Post-1960 History. berkeley.miningco.com/msub_hist2.htm

The Mining Company: Camping. camping.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Current Events - US. usnews.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Current Events - World. worldnews.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Current Events - World - Non-Governmental Organizations. worldnews.miningco.com/msub2.htm

The Mining Company: Cyber-Volunteering - Using the Web to Help Others. netculture.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa121797.htm
With links.

The Mining Company: English as 2nd Language. esl.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Freebies. freebies.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Job Searching. jobsearch.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Spanish Language. spanish.miningco.com

The Mining Company: UFOs / Aliens. ufos.miningco.com

The Mining Company: Women's Issues. womensissues.miningco.com

Mothership - UFO/Paranormal Website. www.ufomind.com

Mystic Fire Video. www.mysticfire.com

Native American Indian Resources (North America). indy4.fdl.cc.mn.us/~isk
Art, culture, education, history, science.

Natural Living (Mikamom). www.geocities.com/RainForest/2732

NetRadio Network. www.netradio.net

New Dimensions Radio. www.newdimensions.org

NewHeavenNewEarth. www.nhne.com

New Humanists on the Internet. www.humanism.org

The New Party. www.igc.apc.org/newparty

New Ways to Work (San Francisco, California). www.nww.org

Nexus. www.nexus.org & home.nexus.org
International radio.

Nexus: Internet Radio Nexus Dial Page. www.nexus.org/IRN & home.nexus.org/IRN
United Nations Radio, UNESCO Radio, Real Audio Player (free program), etc.

OneLook Dictionaries - The Faster Finder. www.onelook.com

One-World Global Calendar. www.zapcom.net/phoenix.arabeth/1world.html

Overseas Jobs Express. www.overseasjobs.com/resources/jobs.html

People's Park (Berkeley, California). www.dnai.com/~hi_there/people's_park.html & www.dnai.com/~hi_there

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. www.lib.utexas.edu/Libs/PCL/Map_collection
Thousands of maps.

PlanetLink. www.planetlink.com

Positive Projections. www.positiveprojections.com

The Poster Gallery. www.postergallery.com
Thousands of images (art and photography).

QuestForSelf.com. www.questforself.com
Alternative health, personal growth, psychology books, spirituality, relationships.

Saludos Web. www.hooked.net/saludos

Save our Blue Planet Earth. www.uni-giessen.de/~gk1415
With links, etc.

SERVEnet - The World of Service and Volunteering (USA). www.servenet.org

Service Civil International - SCI. ines.gn.apc.org/ines/sci

The Sixties. www.slip.net/~scmetro/sixties.htm
Many links.

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies - SIS. www.knowledge.co.uk/xxx/cat/sis
Science and research on catastrophism, etc.

Sonarchy - A listening experience (Seattle, USA). www.sonarchy.org

John Stanmeyer Photojournalist. www.s2f.com/stanmeyer
Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, poor countries, etc.

Sustainable Sources. www.greenbuilder.com

Switchboard. www.switchboard.com
Directory of telephone numbers and addresses in the USA.

Telephone Directories on the Web. www.contractjobs.com/tel
Many countries.

Television. www.uaep.co.uk

TerraServer (Microsoft). www.terraserver.microsoft.com
Aerial and satellite photographs of the Earth.

A Timeline of the Counter-Culture. Gopher: gopher://gopher.well.sf.ca.us/11/Community/60sTimeline

Travel Discounts. www.traveldiscounts.com

Travlang. www.travlang.com

Travlang: Foreign Languages for Travelers. www.travlang.com/languages

Travlang: Translating Dictionaries. dictionaries.travlang.com

Union of International Associations - UIA. www.uia.org
A large quantity of information.

[United Nations] United Nations. www.un.org & www.unsystem.org

United Nations Radio. www.nexus.org/IRN/ra-audio/MEMBERS/UN_RADIO & home.nexus.org/IRN/ra-audio/MEMBERS/UN_RADIO

United States Postal Service: States and Possessions (Official Abbreviations). www.usps.gov/ncsc/lookups/abbr_state.txt
CA = California, etc.

Utopian Alternatives. www.plattsburgh.edu/legacy/utopia.html
Communities, etc.

[Vinoba] Vinoba Bhave (India). www.mkgandhi-sarvodaya.org/vinoba & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/GT_Vinoba.html & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/index.html#GT_Vinoba & www.markshep.com/nonviolence/books.html#GT
Celebrated disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and social reformer.

Virtual Tourist Map Service. www.vtourist.com/webmap

A Web of On-line Dictionaries. www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/rbeard/diction.html

A Web of On-line Grammars. www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/rbeard/grammars.html

Webhippie. www.webhippie.com

Wherever God Wills - Donde Dios Quiera (USA). www.iserv.net/~wherever/Brochure.html
Youth group support service.

White Buffalo Society. www.WhiteBuffaloSociety.com

White House (US President). www.whitehouse.gov

The Wild Bohemian Home Page - Haight-Ashbury. www.halcyon.com/colinp/bohemian.htm & www.halcyon.com/colinp
Hippies, Beat Generation, etc.

[WIC] Women's International Center. www.wic.org

WomensNet. www.igc.org/igc/womensnet

Women's Wire. www.women.com

Xerox PARC Map Viewer. pubweb.parc.xerox.com/map

Yahoo: Constructed Languages. www.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Linguistics_and_Human_Languages/Languages/Constructed_Languages

Yahoo: Countries. www.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries

Yahoo: Dictionaries. www.yahoo.com/Reference/Dictionaries

Yahoo: Employment. search.yahoo.com/bin/search?p=employment

Yahoo: Encyclopedia. www.yahoo.com/Reference/Encyclopedia

Yahoo: Esperanto. www.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Linguistics_and_Human_Languages/Languages/Constructed_Languages/Esperanto

Yahoo: Hippies. www.yahoo.com/Arts/Humanities/History/U_S__History/20th_Century/1960s/Hippies

Yahoo: Languages. www.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Linguistics_and_Human_Languages/Languages

Yahoo: Linguistics and Human Languages. www.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Linguistics_and_Human_Languages

Yahoo: Native American Culture. www.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Cultures_and_Groups/Cultures/Native_American

Yahoo: News and Media. www.yahoo.com/News

Yahoo: Phone Numbers. www.yahoo.com/Reference/Phone_Numbers

Yahoo: Reference. www.yahoo.com/Reference

Yahoo: Regional. www.yahoo.com/Regional

Yahoo: Tibet. www.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/China/Provinces__Regions__and_Municipalities/Tibet

Yahoo: Yoga. www.yahoo.com/Arts/Humanities/Philosophy/Eastern/Yoga & www.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Companies/Health/Fitness/Yoga & www.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Companies/Books/Health/Titles/Fitness/Yoga

YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) - World Alliance of YMCAs. www.ymca.int & www.ymca.int/ymcas.htm

YMCA Europe - European Alliance of YMCAs. www.eay.org

YMCA Leganés (Spain). www.redestb.es/ymca

YMCA USA. www.ymca.net

Various Subjects


Google Groups: alt.conspiracy

Google Groups: alt.conspiracy.area51

Google Groups: alt.fan.woody-allen

Google Groups: alt.feminism

Google Groups: alt.future.millennium

Google Groups: alt.language.artificial

Google Groups: alt.paranet.paranormal

Google Groups: alt.paranet.science

Google Groups: alt.self-improve - Faq: www.lib.ox.ac.uk/internet/news/faq/alt.self-improve.html

Google Groups: clari.news.women

Google Groups: clari.world.organizations.un

Google Groups: fr.soc.alternatives - In French. Information at: perso.wanadoo.fr/yann.forget/Alternatives

Google Groups: misc.consumers.frugal-living - Practicing a frugal lifestyle. Web: Frugal Corner. www.best.com/~piner/frugal.html

Google Groups: misc.jobs

Google Groups: misc.survivalism

Google Groups: rec.backcountry

Google Groups: soc.culture.esperanto

Google Groups: soc.culture.europe

Google Groups: soc.feminism

Google Groups: soc.men

Google Groups: soc.org.nonprofit - Web: www.nonprofit-info.org

Google Groups: soc.politics

Google Groups: soc.women

Google Groups: talk.politics.misc

Google Groups: talk.politics.theory

Google Groups: talk.politics.tibet - Faq: www.lib.ox.ac.uk/internet/news/faq/archive/tibet-faq.html

Google Groups: talk.religion.newage

People in Action: Various Subjects (Links)