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One World, Making Poverty History demonstration in Edinburgh, by Athanasius Group photo: Operation Rebuilding Lives (tsunami relief), Thailand, 2005, by Michael Sarver Volunteer Sara playing with kids, Thailand, by Michael Sarver Smiling kids at Ratmalana refugee camps (tsunami relief), Sri Lanka, by Sarvodaya

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The links with are the examples given on the Guide.

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions - AGRM. www.agrm.org
Christian charities: homeless, needy, etc.

Caritas Internationalis. www.caritas.org

[CharityNet] Charitynet (UK). www.charitynet.org
Information for and about the non-profit world.

Epitelio Network (Europe). www.epitelio.org

European Council on Refugees and Exiles - ECRE. www.ecre.org
NGOs in Europe for refugees.

Ibase - Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses. www.ibase.br/ver_eng & www.ibase.br
World Social Forum (WSF), etc.

Information and Referral Resource Network. www.ir-net.com
Directory of human services: social services, health, counseling, etc.

Internet Resources for Non-Profit Public Service Organizations (Archive). shortguides.com/nonprofit

Jericho Road, Inc. - Matching Gifts to Needs and Programs to Service (USA). www.jericho.org
Volunteer opportunities, etc.

The Names Project Foundation. www.aidsquilt.org
The AIDS Memorial Quilt.

National Coalition for the Homeless: How You Can Help End Homelessness. www.nationalhomeless.org/help.html

Nerd World Media: Charity Fund Raisers. www.nerdworld.com/nw2634.html

Philanthropy Journal. www.philanthropyjournal.org

Philanthropy Journal: Links directory. www.philanthropyjournal.org/page15479.cfm
Searchable database.

[Plenty] Plenty. www.plenty.org & www.thefarm.org/charities/pl.html
Developing countries, solidarity, environment, etc. The hippie peace corps. Founded in 1974 by the celebrated community The Farm (USA).

Refugees International. www.refintl.org

ReliefWeb - U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). www.reliefweb.int & ochaonline.un.org
Humanitarian crises, emergencies and disasters (United Nations).

Social Work Access Network. www.sc.edu/swan

Social Work Cafe (Archive). www.geocities.com/swcafe_2000
Links, e-mail lists, etc.

Volunteer for Our Children (Youth and Children Net, USA). www.child.net/volunteer.htm

World Vision International - WVI. www.wvi.org
Nonprofit Christian humanitarian organization working in a large number of countries with the poor and oppressed.

Yahoo: Christian Charities. dir.yahoo.com/.../Christianity/.../Charities

Yahoo: Philanthropy. dir.yahoo.com/.../Philanthropy

Yahoo: Poverty. dir.yahoo.com/.../Poverty

Yahoo: Social Work. dir.yahoo.com/.../Social_Work



Google Groups: alt.missing-kids - Locating missing children.

Google Groups: alt.org.food-not-bombs - The Food Not Bombs homeless aid organization. Webs: www.foodnotbombs.net & home.earthlink.net/~foodnotbombs

Google Groups: alt.society.homeless

Google Groups: clari.news.refugees - Refugees, involuntary migrations. (Moderated). (Archive). Web: www.clarinet.com

Google Groups: soc.org.nonprofit - Nonprofit organizations. Web: www.nonprofit-info.org

Google Groups: talk.politics.misc

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