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Kids reading books, by Joana Franca Book and grass, by Gisele Jaquenod Dolphin on the sea, by Enrico Masciocchi Girl reading on the beach, by Janis Lanka

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The links with are the examples given on the Guide.

ABU: La Bibliothèque Universelle (France). abu.cnam.fr
Online library.

Adler's Foreign Books. www.afb-adlers.com
Distributor of books in various languages.

Advanced Book Exchange - ABE. www.abebooks.com
New, used, rare, and out-of-print books. Community of over 13,000 independent booksellers selling 70 million books from around the globe.

Alex Catalogue of Full-text Electronic Texts on the Internet. www.infomotions.com/alex
Online books: directory.

[Alternatives] Alternatives Information. www.alternatives.com
Environment, agriculture, health, religion, seniors, women, politics... Large free online library for social change.

Amazon.com. www.amazon.com
Big bookstore. Millions of titles.

Amazon.co.uk. www.amazon.co.uk

Asian Rare Books (New York, USA). www.erols.com/arbs
Bookstore. Old and rare books about Asia.

Barnes & Noble. www.barnesandnoble.com & www.bn.com & www.book.com
One of the largest bookstores online.

Bartleby.com - Great Books Online. www.bartleby.com
Online library, free for noncommercial use. With reference (Columbia Encyclopedia, American Heritage Dictionary, thesaurus, quotations...), poetry, fiction, nonfiction.

BestBookBuys. www.bestbookbuys.com & www.bestwebbuys.com/books
Compare prices for new and used books.

Bibliofind - The World's Largest Inventory of Books for Sale. www.bibliofind.com
Millions of old, used and rare books.

Bibliomania. www.bibliomania.com
Online library.

Books.co.uk. www.books.co.uk
Buy cheap books and compare book prices.

Books-On-Line. www.books-on-line.com

BookSearch. www.booksearch.com
Search for rare and out-of-print books.

BookWire Directory: Booksellers. www.bookwire.com/bookwire/booksellers.html
Bookstores directory by subject.

British Library. www.bl.uk

Carrie: A Full-Text Electronic Library. www.ku.edu/carrie
Online library.

Chelsea Green Publishing (Vermont, USA). www.chelseagreen.com
Books on sustainable living.

China International Book Trading Corporation. chinabooks.cnokay.com/foreignbs
Multi-language books and magazines from China.

City Lights Booksellers and Publishers (San Francisco, California). www.citylights.com & www.euro.net/mark-space/shopCityLights.html
Beat movement, etc.

City Lights Links page. www.citylights.com/CLlnk.html

Columbia University Libraries (New York). www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb

ConsciousNet: New Age Books and Publishers (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20020810173955/www.consciousnet.com/html/publishers.htm

D K Agencies Ltd. www.dkagencies.com
Bookstore. Books from India.

East West. www.eastwest.com
Online bookstore. Spiritual and New Age books and music.

Edge of Time - Manuals for a quiet revolution (UK). www.edgeoftime.co.uk
Books and other products concerned with holistic cultural change (communal living, etc.).

eLib: The Electronic Libraries Programme. www.ukoln.ac.uk/services/elib

Elise's Little Bookstore. www.elise.com/books/books.htm

EmpowermentBooks.com. www.empowermentbooks.com & www.empowermentresources.com/books
Good books and links on many topics related to personal growth, social change and ecology. An interesting service.

Feminist Bookstore Network. users.rcn.com/seajay.dnai/fbn
Find a bookstore near you.

The Full Text Political Science Library (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20001015022853/http://www.sonoma.edu/clubs/polsciclub/polslibrary.html
Directory of online books.

H.P. Bookfinders. www.hp-bookfinders.co.uk
Out-of-print bookfinding service.

Hytelnet Catalog of Telnet access to libraries all over the world (Canada). (Archive). www.lights.com/hytelnet

Indian Books Centre (India). www.indianbookscentre.com

Insight Metaphysical Bookstore (USA). www.insight-books.com

Institute of Advanced Thinking. www.advancedthinking.com
Discoveries in human potential, transformation, etc. Courses and books: Instant Memory, New Wisdom, Conscious Dreaming.

International Book Collectors Association - IBCA (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20030523013251/http://www.rarebooks.org

ISBN - USA. www.isbn.org & www.bowker.com
International Standard Book Number.

Laissez-Faire Books. www.lfb.org
Libertarian books.

The Latin American Book Store, Ltd. www.latinamericanbooks.com
With links (Latin Americana on the web).

LibDex - The Library Index. www.libdex.com
Worldwide index to 18,000 libraries.

Liber Liber (Italy). www.liberliber.it
Online library. In Italian and English.

The Library of Congress (USA). www.loc.gov

Library of Congress Online Catalog. catalog.loc.gov

Lalibrairie.com (France). www.lalibrairie.com & www.livre.net
With a directory of French bookstores.

Maya Books (UK). (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20030409014102/http://www.mayabooks.ndirect.co.uk
Bookshop. Publications on environmental issues, green politics, alternative technologies, renewable energy, organic gardening and farming, and ecological building.

Michigan eLibrary - MeL. elibrary.mel.org
Library of Michigan. Library catalog, Internet links selected by librarians, etc.

The MIT Press: Digital Projects. mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/browse/type.asp?ttype=13
Books and journals online. Noam Chomsky, etc.

Native American Books (Archive). www.kstrom.net/isk/books/bookmenu.html
Reviews of books by/about Native Americans; bookstores; etc.

Native Book Centre. www.nativebooks.com
Bookstore. Native North American books.

New Society Publishers - Books to Build a New Society. www.newsociety.com

North American Native Authors Catalog (Archive). nativeauthors.com
Books written by North American Indians. Bookstore.

Northtown Books (California). www.northtownbooks.com
Keeping the independent bookstore tradition alive. Books and hundreds of periodicals. Environment, women, Native American issues, etc.

Oyate (Berkeley, California). www.oyate.org
Non-profit Native organization. Catalog of Native American Indian books for children.

Page One Bookstore (Albuquerque, NM). www.page1book.com
Independent bookstore. New, used and collectible (antiquarian or out-of-print) searchs.

Paragon Book Gallery (Chicago). www.paragonbook.com
Bookstore. Specializing in Asian arts and studies.

Powell's Books - Used, new and out of print books (Oregon, USA). www.powells.com
Four million used and new books.

PriceGrabber.com: Books. www.pricegrabber.com/home_books.php
Compare prices.

Project Gutenberg. www.gutenberg.org
Library of public domain online texts (full online versions of books).

Red House Books (San Francisco, California). www.redhousebooks.com
Bookstore. Out-of-print books on subjects like social movements of the 1960s, the Beat Generation, etc.

Rinascita bookstore (Italy). libreria.rinascita.it

SBD - Spanish Book Distributor. www.sbdbooks.com

Shambhala Publications (USA). www.shambhala.com
Good books. Spirituality, etc.

UNCAT (Sapphire Press). (Archive). www.sapphirepress.com/UNCAT & www.sapphirepress.com/projects.uncat.html
An electronic catalog of UNCATaloged titles not generally available in a bookstore or library, mostly from non-profit organizations.

Vedams Books International (India). www.vedamsbooks.com
Extensive catalogues and search service for any book published in India.

Western European Literature. www.lib.virginia.edu/wess/etexts.html
Guide to online collections of literary texts in various languages.

WHSmith (United Kingdom). www.whsmith.co.uk
Large British retail chain and online shop. Books, DVD, music, magazines...

The Worm - Book & Music Store (Sedona, Arizona). www.sedonaworm.com
Large section on Native Americans, including CD music.

Xerxes Books. xerxesbooks.com
Bookstore. Rare and scholarly books in a variety of languages and fields.

Yahoo!: Bibliographies. dir.yahoo.com/.../Bibliographies

Yahoo!: Books. dir.yahoo.com/.../Books

Yahoo!: Digital Libraries. dir.yahoo.com/.../Digital_Libraries

Yahoo!: Electronic Literature. dir.yahoo.com/.../Electronic_Literature

Yahoo!: Libraries. dir.yahoo.com/.../Libraries

Yahoo! UK & Ireland: Books (United Kingdom). uk.dir.yahoo.com/.../Books



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Google Groups: alt.books.reviews

Google Groups: clari.living.books

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