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Organic veggie, by Pat Herman Haymaking, by Grzegorz Niewiadomski Happy together, by Uschi Hering Dairy Cattle Grazing, by Mike Schrengohst

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Ecological Agriculture


The links with are the examples given on the Guide.

About: Organic Food. environment.about.com/od/organicfood
Articles and resources.

AgriSurf! www.agrisurf.com
Search engine of agriculture, including organic, sustainable, etc.

Agro Eco Consultancy (Netherlands). www.agroeco.nl
Consultancy, project management, training and quality control in organic agriculture. They advise on production and distribution of organic products in a large number of countries.

Agro Eco Consultancy (Netherlands): Links. www.agroeco.nl/en/links
Organic agriculture directory.

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center - AFSIC (National Agricultural Library - NAL, USA). www.nal.usda.gov/afsic

Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory: Agriculture. www.webdirectory.com/Science/Agriculture

Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory: Organic Farming. www.webdirectory.com/Science/Agriculture/Organic_Farming

Biological Control (Cornell University, USA). www.nysaes.cornell.edu/ent/biocontrol

Biological Control Virtual Information Center. cipm.ncsu.edu/ent/biocontrol
With links.

Bionet (Italy). bionet.stm.it
Information about organic agriculture in Italy.

CAFF: Biological Farming - Frequently Asked Questions. www.caff.org/programs/faq.shtml

Canberra Organic Growers Society (Australia). www.cogs.asn.au

Canberra Organic Growers Society (Australia): Organic WWW Links. www.cogs.asn.au/links

CNN: In-Depth Food - Organic Foods. CNN.com/HEALTH/indepth.food/organic

DOCEA - Documentation of Ecological Agriculture, European Union (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20041013022308/http://www.organic-research.com/research/Projects/DOCEA

Don't Panic, Eat Organic: Links and Friends on the Net. www.rain.org/~sals/link.html
Additional links.

Ecol-Agric. www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/ecol-agric.html
Discussion list.

Eldis Agriculture Home Page. www.eldis.org/agriculture

ENOF - The European Network for Scientific Research Coordination in Organic Farming. www.cid.csic.es/enof

EnviroLink: Agriculture. www.envirolink.org/topics.html?topicsku=2002109190907&topic=Agriculture&topictype=topic
Directory: Organic Agriculture, Permaculture, Sustainable Agriculture, etc.

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) / WAICENT (World Agricultural Information Centre). www.fao.org & www.fao.org/waicent

Farming Pure & Simple Web Ring. d.webring.com/hub?ring=puresimplefarmer

GRAIN - Genetic Resources Action International. www.grain.org

IIED - International Institute for Environment and Development. www.iied.org

ILEIA - Centre for Research and Information Exchange in Ecologically Sound Agriculture (Netherlands). www.leisa.info

Institute of Organic Agriculture (University of Bonn, Germany). www.iol.uni-bonn.de & www.iol.uni-bonn.de/index2_e.htm
Information in several languages.

InterGarden. www.ibiblio.org/intergarden
Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, organic gardening, etc.

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (California). www.permaculture.com

La Mohea (Spain). www.lamohea.com
Organic farming, permaculture. (In English and Spanish).

McKenzie Rock Flour (Nature's Own Natural Plant Food). www.ibiblio.org/ecolandtech/permaculture/mailarchives/permaculture-links/msg00175.html

ME (Finland): The Organic Links (Archive). web.archive.org/web/19990420194250/www.netlife.fi/meky/links0.html
Directory. Links from various countries.

MOIST - Management of Organic Inputs in Soils of the Tropics. ppathw3.cals.cornell.edu/mba_project/moist

Natural Resources Institute - NRI (UK). www.nri.org

North Central Institute for Sustainable Systems. www.agron.iastate.edu/nciss

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont - NOFA Vermont (USA). www.nofavt.org
The oldest organic farming association in the United States (1970).

Organic Certification in Nebraska (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20040216033624/http://ianrpubs.unl.edu/fieldcrops/nf259.htm

Organic Cotton Exhibit. www.simplelife.com/organiccotton

Organic Farming (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20010703101440/http://www.doitnow.com/~smd/agorg.htm

Organic Gardening Discussion List (OGL). www.prairienet.org/garden-gate/maillist_old.htm#ogl

Organic Growers of Michigan (OGM). www.michiganorganic.org

Organic UK. www.organicgarden.org.uk

Permaculture International. www.permacultureinternational.org

The Permaculture Magazine Information Service (UK). www.permaculture.co.uk/info/Info_menu.html

Permaculture The Earth. www.permaearth.org

Pesticide Action Network North America - PANNA. www.panna.org

Pesticide Education Center. www.pesticides.org

RAFI - Rural Advancement Foundation International (Canada and USA). www.rafi.org
Agricultural biodiversity, etc.

Remineralize the Earth (Northampton, Massachusetts, USA). www.remineralize.org
Magazine, etc.

The Soil Association - The Organic Food & Farming Centre (UK). www.soilassociation.org

The Soil Association - The Organic Food & Farming Centre (UK): 10 Reasons to Eat Organic. www.soilassociation.org/web/sa/saweb.nsf/Living/10reasons.html

Sustainable Agriculture Educational. www.msu.edu/user/dunnjef1/rd491/project.htm

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - SARE. www.sare.org
Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), etc.

Sustainable Farming Connection. sunsite.unc.edu/farming-connection

Today's Market Prices: Organically Grown Products. www.todaymarket.com/g3_list.htm

Wageningen University - Biological Farming Systems (Netherlands). www.dpw.wau.nl/biob

Wageningen Agricultural University - Department of Ecological Agriculture (Netherlands): Interesting links to WWW sites on Ecological Agriculture (Archive). web.archive.org/web/20001203031600/http://www.agro.wau.nl/eco/links/links.htm
Directory with descriptions.

Yahoo: Organic Farming. dir.yahoo.com/.../Organic_Farming

Yahoo: Permaculture. dir.yahoo.com/.../Permaculture

Yahoo: Sustainable Agriculture. dir.yahoo.com/.../Sustainable_Agriculture

ØkoWeb Danmark / Danish organic food sector. www.ecoweb.dk & www.ecoweb.dk/english
Danish organic farming.

ØkoWeb Danmark / Danish organic food sector: Links. www.ecoweb.dk/english/a-z.htm
Directory of web sites and link pages.

Ecological Agriculture


Google Groups: alt.agriculture

Google Groups: alt.agriculture.fruit

Google Groups: alt.agriculture.misc

Google Groups: alt.sustainable.agriculture

Google Groups: bionet.agroforestry

Google Groups: bionet.plants

Google Groups: bionet.plants.education

Google Groups: gov.us.topic.agri.farms

Google Groups: gov.us.topic.agri.food

Google Groups: rec.gardens

Google Groups: rec.gardens.ecosystems

Google Groups: rec.gardens.edible

Google Groups: sci.agriculture

Google Groups: sci.agriculture.beekeeping

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