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Alternative Technology
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United States: Alternative Technology
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Green Building (38)
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Renewable Energy (80)

Wind engines, Spain, by Max Boschini Biodiesel Car Show, by Renegade Solar power is beautiful, by Johan Bolhuis Biodiesel: This Car Runs on Recycled Vegetable Oil, by Renegade

Today's Website
Web link suggested today by People in Action

National Center for Appropriate Technology - NCAT
Programs on sustainable agriculture, sustainable communities, sustainable energy. They also manage websites like Smart Communities Network (for the U.S. Department of Energy) about sustainable development.
English - Organic Farming, Sustainable Development - At

Websites about Alternative Technology
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

American Solar Energy Society - ASES
A national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy. ASES organizes the National Solar Energy Conference, and publishes Solar Today, a bimonthly magazine that covers all solar and renewable energy technologies.
English - Solar Energy, United States: Alternative Technology - At

An Introduction to Biogas
With a beginners tour on anaerobic digestion for waste treatment, and information to start a biodigester project. By Paul Harris, University of Adelaide, Australia.
English - Renewable Energy - At

Ciudades para un futuro más sostenible
Biblioteca Ciudades para un futuro más sostenible (Library Cities for a more sustainable future, Spain)
Extensive documentation. With experiences in cities of Spain, Latin America, etc.
Spanish, English - Translate - Green Building, Madrid, Spain, Sustainable Development - At

Builders Without Borders
International network of ecological builders who form partnerships with communities and organizations around the world to create affordable housing out of local materials, and to work together for a sustainable future.
English - Developing Countries, Green Building, Sustainable Development, United States: Alternative Technology, United States: Developing Countries - At

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST)
Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP): Policy, hydro, bioenergy, geothermal, wind, solar, hydrogen, efficiency.
English - Renewable Energy, Web Guide - At

Centre for Alternative Technology
Centre for Alternative Technology - CAT (Wales, UK)
English - United Kingdom, United Kingdom: Ecology - At

Danish Wind Industry Association
Danish Wind Industry Association
A lot of information, including a guided tour on wind energy.
English, Danish, French, German, Spanish - Denmark, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy - At

Earth 911 - Making Every Day Earth Day
Information for the public on recycling, recycling centers, green shopping, energy conservation, household hazardous waste, environmental education, composting, etc.
English, etc. - Ecology, Recycling - At

Google Groups:
Forum. Fueling ourselves without depleting everything.
English - Forums - At

Home Power Magazine
Since 1987, more than 100 issues on home-scale renewable energy and sustainable living solutions. Comprehensive coverage of solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, home energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, green building materials and home design, efficient transportation, and more.
English - Renewable Energy - At

ILSE - The Interactive Learning System for Renewable Energy
Learning system on energy policy, solar energy, wind energy. By the Renewable Energy Section of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, Technical University Berlin.
English, German - Germany, Renewable Energy - At

International Solar Energy Society - ISES
With many National Sections. One of the ISES services is WIRE (World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy).
English - Renewable Energy, Solar Energy - At

Air car
MDI - The Air Car
With a new compressed-air engine capable of propelling a car up to 110 km/h, that can cover a distance of 300 km with one air tank refill and a cost of less than a cent per kilometer. Not only providing "zero pollution" but also purifying the air of the environment.
English, Spanish, Portuguese - At

Natural Building Resources
Natural Building Resources
Beautiful photo galleries, natural building techniques (straw bale construction, wood, adobe, cob, bamboo, etc.), links, bibliography, books, videos...
Image: Thierry Dronet's workshop with living roof.
English - Green Building - At

Natural Life: Home
Magazine articles on healthy houses, renewable energy, simple living...
English - Green Building - At

Critical Mass Energy Project
Public Citizen: Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program (USA)
Resource for renewable energy activists, founded in 1974 by Ralph Nader as Critical Mass Energy Project.
English - Ecology, Renewable Energy, United States, United States: Alternative Technology, United States: Ecology - At

Renewable Energy for Development
Renewable Energy for Development (SEI, Sweden)
Energy and technologies in the Third World. Newsletter of the Sustainable Energy Programme at the Stockholm Environment Institute.
English - Developing Countries, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, Sweden - At

Renewables for Sustainable Village Power
Renewables for Sustainable Village Power - RSVP
Renewable energy for rural villages in developing countries. International program of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA.
English - Developing Countries, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, United States: Alternative Technology, United States: Developing Countries - At

Solar Energy International - SEI
Education and training in renewable energy technologies for a sustainable future. Hands-on workshops in solar, wind and water power and natural building technologies. Also online courses, special programs, resources, newsletter, etc. SEI works cooperatively with grassroots and development organizations to meet sustainable development goals with renewable energies.
English - Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, United States: Alternative Technology, United States: Developing Countries - At

Solstice Archive
Renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable living. Information service of CREST (Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology).
English - Renewable Energy - At

Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
With many links on ecological and natural building, sustainable development, environmental education, eco villages, permaculture, renewable energy, etc.
English - Directories, Green Building, Sustainable Development - At

U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - EERE
Excellent and informative website, including several DOE programs (solar, wind, etc.), news, and an energy information portal: energy efficiency, renewable energy (biomass, geothermal, hydrogen, hydropower, ocean, solar, wind), information for consumers (on saving energy and using renewable energy), kids and states, and topics on education and financial opportunities.
English - Renewable Energy, United States: Alternative Technology - At

Other Sections on Alternative Technology
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Alternative Technology - Books

A Chinese Biogas Manual
A Chinese Biogas Manual: Popularizing Technology in the Countryside (Ariane Van Buren, edition)
Translated from Chinese into English by Michael Crook. Chapters: 1. The Advantages of Biogas for Rural Areas - 2. Basic Information about Biogas - 3. Basic Principles for the Construction of a Biogas Pit - 4. Different designs of Biogas Pits - 5. Maintenance and Quality Appraisal of Biogas Pits - 6. Scientific Management of a Biogas Pit - 7. Using Biogas - 8. Safety Measures in Building Biogas Pits and Using Biogas - Appendixes I & II.
Information and shopping at: Amazon (US)
English - Books, China

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