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Agricultural Subsidies
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Wikipedia: Agricultural policy
The controversy over farm subsidies. Positions and arguments for and against subsidies.
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Websites about Agricultural Subsidies
Web links selected and commented by People in Action

Global Exchange: Why Mexico's Small Corn Farmers Go Hungry
New York Times article. North American agricultural subsidies have been deadly for the 18 million Mexicans who live on small farms. Wealthy countries do far more harm to poor nations with these subsidies than they do good with foreign aid.
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Agricultural Subsidies
Global Policy Forum: Agricultural Subsidies
Rich countries spend billions subsidizing their agricultural sector, leading to chronic overproduction and dumping surpluses on global markets. Poor countries demand reform of this trade practice that impoverishes small-scale farmers while enriching large agri-business. GPF's section with many related articles.
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Kick All Agricultural Subsidies (kickAAS)
Weblog started and supported by The Guardian (UK).
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Small Farmers Seen Gaining Little from Subsidies
Studies show that agricultural subsidies in the US and EU overwhelmingly end up in the hands of landowners and agribusinesses, not small farmers. Article from the International Herald Tribune.
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Still at the Federal Trough: Farm Subsidies for the Rich and Famous Shattered Records in 2001
Research report with detailed data about who actually receives agricultural subsidies. "Subsidy programs tax working Americans to award millions to millionaires and provide profitable corporate farms with money that has been used to buy out family farms."
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The Columbia Encyclopedia: Agricultural subsidies
Article on the history of subsidies, with sections about U.S. assistance programs, attempts at ending subsidies, and bibliography.
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The Fat of the Land: Do Agricultural Subsidies Foster Poor Health?
"We put maybe one-tenth of one percent of our dollar that we put into subsidizing and promoting foods through the Department of Agriculture into fruits and vegetables" (Professor Barry Popkin). "There are a lot of subsidies for the two things we should be limiting in our diet, which are sugar and fat, and there are not a lot of subsidies for broccoli and Brussels sprouts" (American Obesity Association). Article from the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
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