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Today's Website
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Near Death Experience Research Foundation - NDERF
Large selection of near death experience (NDE) accounts.
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Websites about Afterlife
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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross   New
Official site for Elisabeth Kübler-Ross MD, the psychiatrist who wrote well-known books like "On Death and Dying", on the grieving process and related matters. By the EKR Foundation.
English, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch - At

Google Directory: Near Death Experiences
Lists of links, ordered by PageRank or alphabetically.
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International Association for Near-Death Studies - IANDS
Main organization devoted to the study of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), co-founded in 1977-78 by Mr. Audette, Dr. Moody, Dr. Ring, Dr. Greyson and Dr. Sabom. For researchers, health care professionals, experiencers, people close to experiencers, educators, and the general public. Website with information about near-death experiences, resources for more information, local support groups, annual conference, a message board, and more.
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Life After Life
Life After Life - Dr. Raymond Moody
The official online presence of Raymond A. Moody, Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy, lecturer, counselor, author of books like the well-known Life After Life.
English - Raymond Moody, Spirituality, United States: Spirituality - At

Life After Life - Interview With Raymond Moody
In this interview with Daniel Redwood, NDE researcher Dr. Raymond Moody talked about interesting data on different aspects of near-death experiences, like the increasing number of NDE reports in recent years due to advances in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), with up to 60% of patients experiencing them according to a study by cardiologist Dr. Fred Schoonmaker.
English - Raymond Moody - At

Life After Life: Understanding Near-Death Experience with Raymond Moody, M.D.
Transcript of a fascinating, long interview with Dr. Raymond Moody, from Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's Thinking Allowed television series. Near-death experiences are much more frequent since the enormous strides in resuscitation technology over the recent decades. Dr. Moody explains in detail what commonly happens during those experiences, and how they deeply transform the patients' lives after experiencing them.
English - Raymond Moody - At

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
Comprehensive portal of information and resources concerning near-death experiences and NDE research. Including many sections such as: Notable NDEs, Archive of NDEs, NDE experts, Scientific evidence of survival, NDE research conclusions, Various NDE research, Triggers of NDEs, NDE articles, NDEs by category of people, Near-death newsletter, Skeptic's corner, Links, Directory, FAQ, etc.
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Wikipedia: Afterlife
Encyclopedia article with the sections: Afterlife as a belief, Afterlife as an individual existence, Afterlife as reward or punishment, Afterlife as reincarnation, Related studies, Criticism, Philosophical arguments, See also, External links.
English, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Swedish, etc. - At

Wikipedia: Near-death experience
Encyclopedia article with the sections: Near-Death Research, As an afterlife experience, As a naturalistic experience, Clinical Implications, Spiritual and psychological after-effects, See also, References, External links.
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Yahoo! Directory: Near Death Experiences
Lists of links, ordered by popularity or alphabetically.
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Other Sections on Afterlife
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Afterlife - Message Board

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