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Country Living
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Grapes, by Robert Aichinger Sunflower field in France, by Ben Durman Cosmos flower, by Wynand van Niekerk Autumn window, by Robert Aichinger

joyce plath
New User

Registered: Apr 2005
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Apr 25, 2005 - 03:44   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
Announcing Papercrete Summer 2005

The creators of the 2005 Papercrete Summer invite you to experience papercrete building and architectural design classes led by Joyce Plath from Ecolodging, a design and planning firm in Arcata, CA. Joyce will share over twenty-five years of green design and development experience as well as her enthusiasm for building with

Papercrete is an innovative material utilizing up to 80% recycled paper in combination with clay, sand, and cement. It handles wet-dry cycles easily, resists mold, can be nearly fire proof, is an excellent insulator, and adds mass to a building as well. It is a great material for the Pacific Northwest as well as drier climates.

Beginning July 3, 2005, a papercrete building and design course will be offered in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California. This six-week course will offer hands-on papercrete building experience led by a skilled natural builder, integrated with a design studio offering an introduction to residential architecture and site planning.

Students may sign up for as little as one week, or even one weekend, but are encouraged to stay through the entire program to get maximum benefit, a reduction in fees and various internships. Engineering credit is available through Humboldt State University.

Interested architects, builders, and designers who will be in the Redding or Arcata, CA area this summer are invited to stop by for a visit. We are just twenty minutes off Highway 299 and have satellite internet.

For more info, call (707) 822-1860 or email

Course Details:

Dates: July 3-August 12, 2005
Fees: $ 2400 six-week session
$ 475 one-week session (specify which weeks)
$ 150 weekend workshop (each weekend in June)

Non-refundable Deposit: $100 per week (due upon registration); $25 weekend workshop
HSU credit is an extra fee of $35 (to be paid on arrival at site)

Register by May 15 for Early Registration Discounts Below
Fees: $ 2250 six-week session
$ 450 one-week session
Internships also available to those registering by early registration deadline.
Class size is limited, so we expect full enrollment early.

Scholarships: Architecture students from developing countries will be given scholarships to reduce their fees to $120 per week (plus the $35 per unit if they wish to receive the one unit per week offered by HSU)

R. Edward Drake
May 27, 2005 - 16:35   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
"Have Time For Your Art"

We found a great little village 9 miles outside of Silver City, New Mexico. The place is called Santa Clara and the home prices average around $50,000.

Most places have large yards for gardens and vegetables and Fort Bayard National Park is just across Highway 180. There are even some empty warehouse type buildings downtown. This could be a great artist's community.

Come visit us!

Jorge D. Howard
New User

Registered: Apr 2006
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Apr 19, 2006 - 00:27   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
If anyone is interested in living in the country, contact me. I am full of the good country living. When it comes to Country that's my nick name "country." ("A good tasting pumpkin and cream cheese pie.";)Every body calls me country. I'll full your life with country living flowers and when your friends see you again they would notice a glow on you face. Just tell they that Country just had bless you. I can blow green glass off the grounds faster than a plower and grow up fruits and vegetables like fertilizer. I can roast a whole pig or cow faster than you blink your eyes.
I can show a green environment better than environmental protection and you enjoying your country vacation or permanant residence stay on the finest estate in the country. I provide you with things to do as if the country belongs to you or as if you were in the country but on another planet. The country life will never leave you and you will never leave the country. You and the country will do a few country dances and when its over, your shout the victory on the old country in America. And if another person ask you how you got here, here in the country, tell them that "The winds of Love" by Poet Darlena blow by you. "WOW" hee-haw!

Tararu Valley
Dec 03, 2006 - 06:12   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
kiaora, we are seeking landpartners and/or longterm volunteers to share in running an established conservation programme for international volunteers - and/or buying to our community longterm

read more about it here:

Tararu Valley Sanctuary, NEW ZEALAND

May 05, 2009 - 06:42   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
If you need relax,peacefull in a litle hamlet.

In Spain I rent houses with all confort.The view are beautifull .In this place there arenīt aspht so there are pure air.
If you wont stay here my web
My best wishes.
Ana y max from Asturias north Spain

Johnes Bohorquez
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Registered: Oct 2009
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Oct 06, 2009 - 01:10   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
Google Ad Sense and

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Additionally, Individuals post copy right information of companies on; web site owners request from to remove their copy right information and refuse. This is also against the policy of the Google Ad Sense program.

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File a report and the Google Fraud Department will investigate

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