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Type of Devotion-God undergoes the misery of His devotees

Devotion is of two types. The first type is called as Bhakti, which consists of prayers or songs through words and emotional feelings through mind. This Bhakti gives temporary happiness only. Knowledge is related to intelligence, which is the discrimination of real and unreal through logical analysis. By such discrimination, you can realize that all the forms of matter and all the feelings of awareness are unreal. When you have realized that all the forms (Rupa) and all the feelings (Guna) are unreal even before the level of yourself, which is pure awareness, your life becomes completely an entertainment in both happy and unhappy situations. The self realization makes you a spectator of the cinema which consists of both happy and unhappy scenes. You will reach the state of an actor who is entertained in all the scenes of the drama on the stage. Thus the knowledge gives you permanent happiness which is called as bliss. Therefore, knowledge (Jnana) is greater than devotion (Bhakti). Here, you must note that the Bhakti is related to words and mind, whereas Jnana is related to intelligence. Hence, both devotion and knowledge belong to theoretical phase only which is limited to words, mind and intelligence.

The second type of devotion is called as Para-Bhakti, which is related to practice or sacrifice of service. This divine devotion (Para-Bhakti) consists of divine service by sacrificing work (Karma Sanyasa) and by sacrificing the fruit of work (Karma Phala Tyaga). This second type of devotion is far superior than the knowledge. The Bhakti and Jnana are selfish because in both your aim is the attainment of bliss by yourself. The divine devotion or the divine service is completely different, which has no selfish aim. In this divine service, your aim is to please God and not to please yourself. You have to receive the continuous loss and displeasure in the divine service. In this stage you are achieving the nature of God. God always enjoys the fruits of the sins of His devotees and is thus subjected to continuous misery. His aim is to make His devotees happy. God is serving His devotees. Service is always sacrifice to make others happy at the cost of self -happiness. The Veda says that God is bliss (Anando Brahma). The Veda reveals the meaning of this statement by further saying “Eshahyeva Anandayati” which means that God makes His devotees happy. Therefore, when we say that God is bliss, that does not mean God is continuously enjoying the happiness. It means only that God is making others happy continuously. In fact such a definition only, is the proof of God being bliss. How do you say that the fire is hot? Since the fire is making others experience its heat, people say that fire is hot. Similarly, if you make others happy, then only you are the embodiment of that happiness. Now the point is whether God is continuously unhappy by such sacrifice, which is His service to His devotees. The answer is that God is continuously happy through such sacrifice. He is deriving happiness continuously by enjoying the misery of His devotees. He is not unhappy to enjoy the sins of His devotees. Therefore, He is happy always and making His devotees also happy.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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A devotee can become God, but...

In the first level of ignorance, the soul derives happiness only from happy situations which are like sweets. In the second level of realization, the soul derives happiness both from happy and unhappy situations, which are like sweets and hots in the meals. In the final level of the state of God, if the soul derives continuous happiness from hots only, such a soul has become almost God (Mama Sadharmyamagatah – Gita). Such a soul is almost equal to God. Such a devotee also attracts the sins of deserving devotees and makes them happy. Such an attraction of sins is always a secret because the deserving devotee will never agree to such transfer of sins.

A devotee who had reached this highest level came to see Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who was suffering with cancer. The devotee sat near Sri Paramahamsa and was trying to attract the cancer onto him. Sri Paramahamsa, who was the human incarnation immediately recognized this and pushed the devotee away from Him. Therefore, the devotee can attain all the powers of God and the divine nature of God, which consists of continuous sacrifice for the sake of devotees. Then, why not the devotee, be called as God in full sense? Except one point, the devotee can become God in all aspects and that one point is the creation, maintenance and destruction of this universe.

You are immediately misunderstanding God through various doubts. Perhaps God does not want anyone to become equal to Him and therefore, is not granting this special power. You are mistaking God due to the ignorance of truth and lack of analysis on this point. God is ready to give this power to any soul. The creation, maintenance and destruction of the world is a big responsibility. Who will not sacrifice the responsibility? One may hesitate to sacrifice the fruit of work but not the responsibility and work. The work and responsibility are headache only. If you analyze, you will clearly understand that it is impossible to transfer this responsibility to any soul. The soul is made of awareness, which is basically the primal energy. The creation starts with the creation of this primary energy (Mula Maya). Before the creation of this primary energy, this primary energy cannot exist. When the primary energy does not exist, the soul (awareness) which is a form of this primary energy also cannot exist. Then, how can the soul create this primary energy?

If the soul created this primary energy, then what is the material of the soul? The material cannot be awareness because awareness is a modification of the primary energy only. If the food is not given to a person, the supply of energy stops. The person becomes unconscious, where the awareness disappears as in the deep sleep. The stored energy in the body in its basic form of inert energy maintains the heat of the body for sometime. This is a clear proof of the concept that awareness is a modification of the inert energy only. Therefore, it is impossible to make any soul creator and therefore this point always differentiates God from any soul. Due to such impossibility only, God is not giving this power to any soul. Even if there is a trace of possibility, God is the happiest to get rid of this headache and responsibility.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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A soul cannot become God

God has given this power of creation to His best devotee called as Hanuman. This shows His willingness to give away this responsibility. But if we analyze, Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva and Shiva is another name of God (Shivascha Narayanah –Veda). Therefore, God Himself in the form of a soul only could take up this responsibility. Radha is said to be the incarnation of His power of happiness called as “Hladini Kala”. The creation is a form of His power. The soul is a part and parcel of the creation. Therefore, Radha is really a soul. But, Radha (the soul) is made as the queen of Goloka, which is above His abode (Brahmaloka). Hanuman could enter Brahmaloka only.

It is logical because Hanuman being God can enter only God’s abode. The final conclusion of all this is that a soul can be given higher position than God but the soul cannot become God especially in involving in the impossible responsibility of creation of Universe. You can get the power of creating matter and awareness from the already existing primary energy. The position of a soul is exactly the position of the wife and the position of God is exactly the position of the husband. The husband can give the salary to His wife which is the fruit of His work. The husband can keep the wife on His head and act as her servant. But, the wife cannot do the work of the husband. When the wife can get all the fruit of the work into her hand and can make her husband as her servant, is she not foolish to be adamant of doing his work which is impossible to her?

The Veda says that even the male human beings in this world are women and wives of God only (Striyah Satih pumsa ahuh). This means all the souls irrespective of the gender, which is a characteristic of the external gross body only can attain the master position over God but cannot become God. It is foolishness to aspire to become God due to the impossible responsibility, when the higher position than God is made available.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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Violence-Jesus-Krishna-Moahamad-Human Incarnation

Q’ran says that a Muslim should protect even the enemy belonging to other religion. It says that a Muslim can speak about the preaching of Allah to the enemy and then leave the enemy in protected place. It never says that the religion should be spread by violence. It speaks about the war for justice, which is not the war for propagation of religion. For that matter, Gita arose only from the state of war, which was fought for establishing justice. Even Bible says that the rigid fools who do not realize should be thrown to the liquid fire, which is violence. Therefore, violence is not wrong. But the cause of violence should be perfectly justified. When Mohammad came, there were three hundred religions, which were quarelling among themselves with lot of violence. He tried His best by preaching the concept of one God. There was no alternative way to subside the violence between them.

Actually after Jesus, the concept of human incarnation was fully realized but this concept was exploited by cheaters. Every fellow became a prophet and declared himself as the human incarnation. The followers started preaching that particular form is only the one God. You can imagine easily the situation at the time. When violence is justified, it is called as punishment given by God. If the violence is not justified, it becomes Chaos due to egoism of a demon, which can be subsided only by divine punishment. Actually at the end, Hinduism speaks about the incarnation of Kalki and Christianity speaks about the final punishment given by God. Both these situations are of terrible violence only.

The last sort of God is only punishment, which can alone bring peace at least temporally for some time when the world is filled with brutal conservative fools, who are the wild beasts in the human form. The Lord says in Bible “Revenge is mine” which means the Lord punishes the unjust people. The Lord said in Gita that He will destroy the evil person (Vinasaya cha….). God is double-edged knife. Not only He protects the justice but also He punishes the injustice. A rich weak human being may protect the justice but may not be able to punish the injustice. A poor strong fellow may punish the injustice but not protect the justice by giving compensation. Thus, the human beings have limitations but the Lord is strong as well as rich and therefore is capable in both sides.


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(Continuiation of above post...)

This is the meaning when Jesus mentioned about the divine kingdom on the earth. He means that one may escape the king on this earth but can never escape God. When you are affected by injustice, pray for compensation only (“Ask that shall be given”-Bible) and not for the punishment of enemy. You will be compensated. When you do not pray for the punishment of enemy, you will see the punishment of your enemy soon from God. You may react to your enemy with equal or double force. But God will react with million times of force. Draupadi was pestering Krishna for the destruction of her enemies. The Lord fulfilled her wish but all her sons were killed by enemies and Lord did not protect them. Some times God punishes your enemy through your self. Arjuna killed the enemies, forced by the Lord. But Arjuna was not having the intention to kill the enemies and was against the war. Since he was forced by the Lord, he fought the war for justice.

When Muslims followed Mohammad in His war for unifying the religions, it was justified because there was clear divine instruction. Since Mohammad was the last divine preacher, now the war for justice need not be carried on because in the absence of divine preacher there is every possibility of misunderstanding of every situation as requirement for war of justice. Therefore, the instruction of Mohammad was limited to that time because He was capable of deciding the correct requirement for war for justice. Mohammad removed the concept of human incarnation because the effects of exploitation were severe in that time. Muslims should realize that human incarnation means that God entered in the human body and not that God modified as human body. Mohammad objected only modification of God in to human body. This is not condemning the concept of human incarnation. God only enters the human body and Mohammad himself was the human incarnation because God entered in to Mohammad and gave Q’ran. Gita clearly says that God entered the human body (Manusheem Tanu Asritam..) and that God is not modified in to human body(Avyaktam Vyakti Mapannam…). Bible also says that God is in flesh and does not say that God has become flesh. Thus, there is no difference between three religions.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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The website "Divine Mother's Light" has changed its link to

If you are a woman with sincere interest to progress in spiritual way, visit it... also if your are a man who feel deep love for the Divine Mother. She, who is the Queen of the Universe, may bless all of you.

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Heads up Meditators....

Here are quotes from the Sahaj Marg (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) Material...who call their practice "meditation":

On Chosing a Master

On Chosing a Guru, Chariji in his book: Heart of the Lion, states:

....So I repeat, the Guru is the only friend. In fact, I have said this so often, that in the Sufi philosophy, the Guru is called Friend. "The Friend is coming". Because he is the only fellow who can give his life for you. He is the only fellow, therefore, to whom you must hand over totally, a Power of Attorney....."Do with me as you think I deserve to be done with. Kick me when I have to be kicked. Beat me when I have to be beaten. Curse me when I have to be cursed. But make of me what you think I should be eventually, because only you can do it."

"So once more I say this in all humility....if you must have a Master, find a fellow who is capable of, you know, throwing you around, beating you up, cutting you to pieces. Remember Parushurama's father and the stern test that young boy had to make for obedience...."Kill your Mother". "Yes"..."

"He pulled out the sword and cut off her head. He said, "I am pleased with you my son. Ask for anything you want." He said, "I want my mother alive." And He said, "So be it." and she got up and walked off. The Guru is the Master, when you say of destiny, it means life and death. He must be the Master of your life as he must be the Master of your death."

On HOMOSEXUALITY, the Master of this system in a recent speech said: "Unlike the churches of the world, we don’t perform same-sex marriages. That is unnatural. God did not intend it to be thus. Please excuse me, it is a personal comment, it is not Sahaj Marg. But there are things, as Babuji Maharaj said, “If God did not want two sexes, he could have as well created one and seen that the world propagated by itself."...Why two sexes? Not so that one sex should marry among themselves, isn’t it? So, what the church may allow, I don’t have to condone or accept. To me, it is a very blatant misuse of so-called privileges of the human being, fundamental rights, et cetera. Of course, if you claim it is your fundamental right to go the dogs, so be it! Even God cannot stop it."


On Freedom, in Salient Points of Sahaj Marg, it states that with Sahaj Marg:

"...We have voluntarily, whole-heartedly and devotedly surrendered it to the Master of our Soul. To those who are fortunate enough to arrive at this stage, the Master is no longer a guide for spirituality alone. He has now become the Master of one's life in all it's aspects of existence. He becomes the father, the mother, the son, the teacher, the doctor, in fact, there is no role that He does not play in the abhyasi's life. He has taken total charge of the abhyasi. So we see that only our surrendering to Him can bring about a state where He can take total charge of us!"


"Sahaj Marg has nowhere said temple worship is wrong, nor does Master expressly forbid idol worship" ....To other abhyasis, the preceptor has become such an idol. I believe that any abhyasi who says, "my preceptor" when talking about the preceptor who is serving him has fallen into this form of idol worship. Here it is the preceptor who has been transformed into an idol, or idolised. Here again the Master may be in the background, but is that Master's rightful place?

"So Master's message is quite clear. All credit goes to our Master. When we give credit where it is not due, that too is a form of idol worship. We should beware of falling into such errors......."


On the Philosophy of Sahaj Marg, Chari in a speech on New Year's Day, 2005 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, INDIA, said: "There is no room for philosophy in speeches of Sahaj Marg. In fact, Sahaj Marg has no philosophy. It does not rest on any philosophy. It is neither advaita nor dvaita nor vishishta advaita."

Reasearch on

or at:

* Inner Circle of SRCM-USA
* Poxy SRCM- Switzerland
* Mielk - A French Analysis- France-Fr. & Eng.
* The Desperate Abhyasi-France-Fr. & Eng.


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Heads up meditators (Sahaj Marg)

Sahaj Marg (Shri Ram Chandra Mission)
on other Religions...

On other Religions, although Sahaj Marg claims to "erase Samskaras" (imprint on the soul), in a speech in Denmark in Nov. 2005, the current Master stated that abhyasis were lucky. If they were in religion, he said, they would have to go to church and "you know", tell lies in that "wonderful place called the confessional". “Lord, forgive me for what I have done this week.” And there would be an equally sinful priest on the other side of the curtain saying, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I absolve you of your sins.” Something that according to Chariji, he has no power to do. No man on earth has power, he states, to absolve you of your sins except two people: one, oneself, and the other, God. In between there is nobody who can do it, he stated. Then he added, that is why religion is useless, that is why religion has failed. That’s why, the Master stated, the abhyasis are all there, not in church.

...and later:

Chariji stated that he was no Christ, ("you know";), to crucify himself on the cross for all of them. Did they think Christ was a wise man, he asked, that he (Christ) became crucified so that forever and ever after humanity would be absolved of its sins? "I don’t think so", he said. It gave people more license for indulgence. But after all, he said, they have been forgiven two thousand years ago for what they are going to do today, what their children were going to do ten years hence. He said that he did not think he (Christ) was wise. According to Chariji,he (Christ)left no room, no incentive for human beings to change, become moral, become spiritual. He said that they were all happy that they had a Christ who got crucified. He added that none of us weep for Christ and that we were happy. “God bless him,” we say, which is another blasphemy. He then said that the abhyasis need blessings, not Christ.

At a preceptors' seminar in January, 2001, Chariji stated:

"In the Indian scene, the Hindus and Hinduism is corrupt. God is personified as somebody who can be bribed with gifts, with so called prasads - offering temptation of Heaven which fact Babuji emphasized in His teachings, saying that religions depends on two instruments - temptation and fear."

"I am afraid that Sahaj Marg is suffering in this way because even when Christian people become abhyasis and preceptors, they somehow, somewhere along the way seem to lose this idea of love, charity, compassion, faith and become preceptors. So what Spirituality offers and can deliver, our priesthood, I would categorize you as, say temporarily as priesthood - they destroy."

Written in the Sahaj Marg material: ABHYASI'S QUESTION:"..... "Why do I have to give up my existing religious practices....."

MASTER'S ANSWER: "All religious practice involve the worship of God as being outside us. It is called Bahya Upachara in Sanskrit. Spirituality puts God where HE really is - inside the human heart, and indeed at the heart of every created thing, as Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita. One cannot mix the two. In the Vedas Murthy Pooja is called the lowest form of worship. Mantra is only a way of pleasing the mind, and bhajans please the senses, while giving the illusion of being a form of worship. I trust that this will be satisfactory. If people have more questions, they should be encouraged to read the Gita slowly, and try to understand it. Love to all."

According to the teaching of this system, God is simple, and therefore, the way to reach Him must be simple. On the Nature of the Divine, when asked why in all the written material, God was referred to as "Him", Chariji replied: "God is Male, Nature is female." SMRTI

Research this topic at

or at:

Websites of associations with similar or same lineage as Shri Ram Chandra Mission:

* Insitute for Ram Chandra Consciousness (ISRC)
* Yogabhyas
* Naqsh MuMRa

Blogs of dissociated, questioning and/or ex-abhyasis:

* Inner Circle of SRCM-USA
* Poxy SRCM- Switzerland
* Mielk - A French Analysis- France-Fr. & Eng.
* The Desperate Abhyasi-France-Fr. & Eng.

Safely tucked inside the ONE God where we live.


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Watch this 9min video that can change your perception about everything!

Perceiving Reality

Free Online Interactive Classes Start Nov 29
Kabbalah Fundamentals
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Apr 11, 2007 - 17:04   Edit Post Delete Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
Kabbalah Fundamentals Course

The Ashlag Research Institute is now accepting enrollments for the spring semester fundamentals course of Kabbalah.

The course will begin April 11th, 2007 and run for 12 weeks.

The course is comprised of fundamental articles. Class held each Wednesday and a technical class held each Sunday. Classes begin at 8:00P.M. EST and run approximately 1.5 hours.

To register for the course, click the “register here” link below.

"All the changes are only in the perceivers." - Baruch Ashlag

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